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New Plastic Wives on TLC... Will You Watch the Lives of Wives of Plastic Surgeons?

By January 24, 2013

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Yes, it's true, yet another reality show featuring people who have had plastic surgery.  Lots of plastic surgery.

Like the "real housewives" shows, this show features wealthy women who have had lots (and lots) of plastic surgeries.  The difference? Each and every one of them is married to a Hollywood plastic surgeon, so their surgery is free of charge. Hmmm, all the plastic surgery you want, free of charge... blessing or curse?

It's always been my opinion that plastic surgery is one of those things where a little goes a very long way.  Too much surgery and you end up looking like a Barbie doll that was left to melt in a hot car on a summer day, in my not so humble opinion.  There are women who have done their research, look great, and all is right with the world.  That said, there are also plenty of women who look like they strapped grapefruits to their chest and are attempting to emulate fish with their lips.

If you are considering hiring a Hollywood plastic surgeon to do some work on your face or physique this new show lets you get a look at their work before you may a major life changing surgery purchase. I don't know that it will have any other redeeming qualities.

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