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Step-by-Step Surgical Bandage Change Instructions


Updated June 30, 2014

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How and When To Change a Surgical Bandage
Bandage After Pediatric Surgery

Bandaged After Surgery

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Changing a surgical bandage is not difficult, but it is important to do correctly in order to protect your incision and prevent infection. In order to protect your infection, your hands need to be very clean when you do this procedure. Most people think they wash their hands properly, but many do not, so consider reviewing proper hand washing technique prior to doing a bandage change.

If you are changing the bandage of a loved one, it is important to add gloves to the process, worn to protect both you and the surgery patient. Put on a clean pair of gloves after steps one, three and six.

When to Change Your Surgical Bandage

Plan on changing your bandage daily or more often if it is visibly soiled or wet, unless your surgeon has given instructions to the contrary.

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