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What is Dehiscence and Evisceration


Updated May 27, 2014

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What to Do If Your Incision Eviscerates

What to Do If Evisceration Happens

In all circumstances of evisceration, emergency medical care should be sought by activating EMS, 911 or reporting to the nearest emergency medical facility.

Next, cover the opening and organs with the cleanest sheet or bandage material you have, after wetting it thoroughly. If you have been bandaging your wound, you should have the supplies to cover the tissue with sterile bandages. The fabric/bandage needs to be moist, to prevent it from adhering to tissue. If you have sterile saline, use it to saturate the bandage or towel. If not, bottled or tap water can be used.

If you do not have bandage materials, a clean towel or sheet can be used.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you attempt to push the organs back in to the abdominal cavity. If the worst case scenario has happened and loops of intestine have pushed out of the incision, gather them in the wet sheet or bandage and keep the patient calm and seated or lying down.

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