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Hysterectomy Surgery – What Women Say About Hysterectomy

Interviews: Life Before and After Hysterectomy Surgery?


Updated March 24, 2009

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Interview With Women: Hysterectomy

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Real Women, Real Surgery: Straight Answers About Hysterectomy

Each year in the United States more than half a million women have a hysterectomy. They are your friends and neighbors, your relatives and coworkers. Yet hysterectomies aren't necessarily something we talk about openly, at home or anywhere else.

To help you make a more educated decision about hysterectomies, a group of women has volunteered to speak candidly about their decision to have the surgery. They discuss the effects of menopause, the changes in their sex lives, and most importantly, what they wish they had known when they were standing in your shoes.

Real Women and Their Experience With Hysterectomy Surgery:

Beverly Johnson, Supermodel, Talks About Her Hysterectomy, Uterine Fibroids and Her Campaign To Help Women

Astrid, Uterine Prolapse

Cynthia, Cancer

Elise, Bleeding & Cramps

Judy, Adenomyosis/Bleeding

Lesa, Abdominal Pain During Periods & Intercourse

Meagan, Endometriosis & Abdominal Pain

Sheila, Endometriosis

Sherri, Bleeding, Cramps & Anemia

Sherry, Bleeding & Anemia

Stephanie, Chronic Bleeding For 3 Years, Thickening of the Uterus, Possibility of Cancer

Trisha, Ovarian Mass

Learn more about hysterectomy surgery, before, during and after the procedure: All About Hysterectomy


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