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Preparing Before Your Surgery


Updated May 21, 2014

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Your Finances and Surgery

Now that you have scheduled your surgery it is time to examine the financial aspects of the procedure. If you are currently working, the human resources department at your workplace may be able to help you explore your options regarding using sick or vacation time during your recovery. If you have supplemental disability coverage through your workplace it may provide additional income if you have an extended time away from work.

Most surgeries, with the exception of most cosmetic surgeries, are covered by insurance. It is important to find out the level of coverage offered by your insurance company prior to the procedure and the portion of the procedure that you will be expected to pay. In some circumstances, a surgery may only be covered as an outpatient procedure unless there are complications, resulting in an unpleasant surprise when the bill is not fully covered after a night in the hospital.

Your insurance company may require advance notice of your scheduled surgery, if so, notify the company well in advance of the procedure so there are no surprises regarding payment.

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