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Preparing Before Your Surgery


Updated May 21, 2014

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Meet With Your Surgeon

Arrange to see your surgeon several weeks before your scheduled procedure to determine the labs, tests and medications that may be required before the surgery. By scheduling these early in the process, you should have greater flexibility when setting an appointment.

During this visit you should also discuss whether or not your surgeon expects you to need blood products during your procedure. If it is expected and you would prefer not to have donated products, you may be able to arrange for an autologous transfusion, a process that allows you to store your blood for use during your surgery.

During this visit with your surgeon, it is important to discuss the medications you are currently taking and what medications you should take in the weeks prior to surgery as well as immediately before surgery. Some medications, including blood thinners, aspirin, insulin and blood pressure medications can cause problems during surgery.

In addition, your surgeon should be able to recommend any assistive devices that you will need after your surgery, such as a walker for use after having a hip replacement. Recommended devices should be obtained before surgery so they are available when they are needed.

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