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Preparing Before Your Surgery


Updated May 21, 2014

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What to do During the 24 Hours Before Surgery

Do not eat anything after 5 pm the day before your surgery including fluids, mints and chewing gum. On the morning of your surgery, take only the medications that your surgeon specifically wanted you to take, with a sip of water. When brushing your teeth, do not to swallow the water you rinse with. Why Can't I Eat Before Surgery?

Call your surgeon if you feel ill or have a fever, your surgery may need to be postponed. Your surgery will have the best outcome if you are as healthy as possible when it begins.

If you wear nail polish, remove it prior to going to the hospital. Nail polish interferes with the machine that is used to make sure you are receiving enough oxygen.

Fill prescriptions you will need after your procedure early whenever possible. You may also want to stock your pantry and complete other household tasks before surgery. You may not feel well enough to run errands immediately after your procedure.


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