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How to Pay For Surgery Costs That Insurance Won't Pay


Updated May 16, 2014

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Changing Insurance or Even Jobs May Save You Thousands of Dollars

If your current insurance has an exclusion for your surgery, but a different insurance plan will pay for the procedure, you may want to consider changing insurance plans. For many people that means changing jobs, but you may not need to take that drastic step. If you are married and your insurance won’t pay for the surgery, but your husband’s will, you could potentially save thousands of dollars by switching to your spouse’s insurance.

Many companies wait until January to make alterations to their insurance policy, but others may make changes during a different part of the year. Be sure to inquire about any upcoming changes. You may find that when the new policy begins, your coverage has changed or moved to a new insurance provider. In these situations, it pays to investigate what the new company or policy provides. You may find that you need to schedule your surgery before the change in order to save money, or you may be wise to wait, depending upon the changes in coverage and the copay amount.

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