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Surgery Questions You Should Ask


Updated June 23, 2014

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Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company Before Surgery
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Anesthesia & Surgery

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Before having a surgical procedure it is helpful to talk to your insurance company or companies to determine the level of your coverage and any expenses that you will personally be responsible for paying. In addition, if you have disability coverage through your employer or an independent insurance company, you may be eligible for benefits while you are having surgery and during your recovery.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Companies Before Surgery:

How much will the procedure cost me after insurance pays its portion?

(Major procedures) What is the maximum on my policy and will this procedure meet that threshold?

What type of coverage do I have if I need rehabilitation or home health care after surgery?

Will any special equipment I need after surgery, such as oxygen, a hospital bed or assistive devices be covered?

Do I have disability insurance?

How much is my weekly/monthly disability benefit?

If my recovery takes longer than expected when will my disability coverage start?

How much of my prescription costs after surgery will I be expected to pay each month?

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