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Anticoagulants Explained


Updated August 22, 2009

Definition: Anticoagulants are a group of medications that are used to slow the clotting of the blood. These medications can be given by mouth (orally), by injection (subcutaneously) or through an IV.

After surgery, anticoagulants are often prescribed to prevent blood clots from forming and causing harm to the patient. If a patient is taking anticoagulants prior to surgery, they may be discontinued prior to the surgery to prevent too much bleeding during the procedure.

Anticoagulants are also known as "blood thinners".

Pronunciation: anti-co-agg-you-lents
Also Known As: bloodthinners, blood thinners, Anticoagulant therapy, Anticoagulation,
Common Misspellings: anti coagulant, anti coagulation,
To prevent blood clots from forming after surgery, the patient was given anticoagulants.
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