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Conjunctiva Definition


Updated December 21, 2010

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Normal Eye Anatomy

Definition: The conjunctiva is a clear, slippery, mucous membrane that covers the eyeball and lines the eyelids.

The conjunctiva keeps the eye moist and protects the delicate structures of the eye. There are three sections of the conjunctiva:

  • The Palpebral Conjunctiva: The lining of the eyelids
  • The Fornix Conjunctiva: The area where the eyelid meets the eyeball
  • The Bulbar Conjunctiva: Covering the eyeball

The conjunctiva is very vascular, meaning it has a large number of blood vessels, when the eye is irritated or injured these vessels make the eye appear red. Inflammation of the conjunctiva, or conjunctivitis, is more commonly known as "pink eye."

Pronunciation: con-junk-tea-vuh
Also Known As: conjunctival
Common Misspellings: conjunktiva, conjuncteeva,
The conjunctiva is a very strong tissue that helps protect the eye, but it can be injured, so eye protection should be worn when working with tools.
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