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In Situ Definition


Updated June 26, 2014

Three surgeons working in surgery/OR

Three Surgeons In Surgery

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Definition: In situ is latin for "in place" or "in position". In medicine, it may also mean "localized". For example, a surgeon may want to see an organ in situ, meaning they want to see as it normally rests in the body.

Cancer may also be referred to as "in situ" meaning that it remains in the place of origin and has not spread from that place. It is a good thing if a cancer is referred to as being in situ, as it has not metastasized, nor has it invaded nearby tissue or organs.

Pronunciation: in-sigh-too
Common Misspellings: insitu, insite, in site, insitu cancer, insightu,
The surgeon wanted to see the kidney insitu, before making a final diagnosis.
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