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Updated June 14, 2009

Bandage Post Operative

Bandaged After Surgery

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Definition: Post operative refers to the time period following a surgical procedure. While definitions vary, most agree that the post operative phase begins at the conclusion of the surgical procedure and lasts until either the surgeon releases the patient from their care or the patient is fully recovered.

The post operative phase may take place in the hospital, or at home, or both. In most cases, post operative care starts in the hospital but is concluded at home.

Common Issues and Needs After Surgery

Also Known As: post op, postoperative, postop, after surgery, postoperative phase, post-op,
Alternate Spellings: postoperative, post operative,
Common Misspellings: posoperative, pos operative, postopp, possop, post-opp,
The patient was relieved when the post operative phase was over and she could return to all of her normal activities.
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