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What Is Presbyopia?


Updated December 16, 2010

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Definition: Presbyopia is a vision problem where the ability to see objects that are near diminishes with age.

The causes of presbyopia is not well understood, but theories include a loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye, or a loss of strength is the muscles that control the eye. Presbyopia is usually diagnosed after the age of 40, and can be present with other conditions, such as nearsightedness.

Presbyopia typically presents as difficulty seeing in low light conditions, eye strain, difficulty reading fine print and inability to see small details (such as needlepoint).

The most common presbyopia treatments are corrective lenses including glasses and contact lenses. Surgery is also available as a treatment for presbyopia.

Pronunciation: pres-bee-oh=pea=uh
Also Known As: old eyes, old sightedness, old eye,
Common Misspellings: presbeopea, presbeopia, presbyopea, presbyopa
At the age of 45 the man was not too young to be diagnosed with presbyopia.
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