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Prolapse Defined


Updated June 24, 2014


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Definition: A prolapse is a medical condition where an organ or tissue falls out of place, or "slips down". There are many types of prolapse, including prolapse of the rectum, uterus, and heart valves.

In the case of the rectum and uterus, the tissue will slip downward, sometimes so severely that the uterus or rectum is protruding from the body.

In most cases, surgery is necessary to correct the problem. A hysterectomy may be performed for a prolapsed uterus.

Pronunciation: pro-laps
Also Known As: uterine prolapse, rectal prolapse, prolapsed,
Common Misspellings: prolaps, prolap, prolapce, prolaptz,
After the patient was diagnosed with uterine prolapse, she had to decide if a hysterectomy was the right treatment for her.
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