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Scrub Tech Definition


Updated June 17, 2014

Scrub Tech and Surgeons In Surgery Image

Scrub Tech and Surgeons

Image: © Janice Airey/Getty Images

A scrub tech, formally known as a surgical scrub technician, is a college educated operating room employee who performs multiple job duties including providing the surgeon with the instruments needed to perform a surgery.

While the best known part of a scrub tech's responsibilities include participating in the surgery by providing sterile instruments, a scrub also helps prepare the patients for surgery by cleaning/shaving the skin, transferring the patient to the operating table, sterilizing the instruments, maintaining the cleanliness of the operating room, and last, but not least, helping the surgical team "scrub in".

Surg techs take a national exam to certify their ability to perform their job responsibilities.

Also Known As: scrub tech, surgical scrub, scrub, surg scrub, scrub technician, scrub technologist,
The surgical scrub knew what instrument the surgeon needed and handed it to him before he asked for it.
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