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Organ Transplant Surgery Defined


Updated June 30, 2014

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Transplant Surgeon At Work

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Definition: Transplant surgery is the division of medicine that surgically replaces an organ that is no longer functioning with an organ from a donor that does function. Organs are donated by living and deceased donors in order to save the life of a recipient.

Transplant surgeons may also care for the patient prior to their transplant, and continue to care for the patient after transplant surgery.

There are many types of transplants in medicine, however, transplant surgery is the only division of surgery that is concerned with organs. Other surgical specialties such as dentistry and orthopedics will use human tissue to repair injuries and defects, but that is not considered "transplant surgery" but the use of a "tissue transplant".

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Also Known As: organ transplant surgery, organ transplantation,

Examples: The transplant surgeon told the patient that his newly transplanted kidney was functioning very well.

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