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Pus Defined


Updated June 30, 2014

Definition: Pus is a collection of thick, white fluid that accumulates around the source of an infection. Pus is made up of dead tissue, white blood cells, and damaged cells. Pus is present when the body begins to fight an infection, sending white blood cells to the site to stop the germs from infecting more tissue.

While pus is generally white or a yellow-white color, it can be greenish, blood-tinged, blue (in rare cases) or even a brown color. It can also have a foul odor.

The medical term for pus is purulence, or purulent drainage.

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Also Known As: pus, infection, wound infection, incision infection, infected incision, purulent drainage, wound drainage, incision drainage, surgery infection, surgery pus, surgical incision pus, surgical incision infection, green pus, yellow pus, blue pus
Common Misspellings: puss, pussy,
The surgeon prescribed an antibiotic after the patient showed her that the incision had pus draining from it.
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