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Understanding and Dealing With a Fear of Surgery


Updated June 03, 2014

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Arm Yourself With Information

An important step in dealing with surgical anxiety is to become as well informed as possible regarding the illness, prescribed therapies, and surgical treatment. Having a complete understanding of the procedure, why it is indicated, and how it is performed can relieve a great deal of worry. An understanding of anesthesia and the low risks of having anesthesia may also help with concerns about surgery.

If anxiety is caused by a lack of knowledge about the procedure, it is essential that any patient ask questions and find answers until the decision to have the surgery and the choice of surgeon is fully understood. For many, anxiety is a normal response to being expected to make a life altering decision with minimal information. Once the patient has the necessary facts the anxiety may be relieved.

If the anxiety is based upon financial concerns, determining the availability of sick time or disability coverage may relieve worries, as will determining what health insurance will cover and what costs will be passed on to the patient.

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