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Before, During & After Cataract Surgery


Updated June 18, 2014

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Before Cataract Surgery
Prior to your procedure, your doctor will want to examine your eyes in great detail. Your eyes will be examined externally and internally. This will include the typical eye exam that is done with a light, but may also include a laser scan of the eye or an ultrasound examination of the inside of your eye. These tests will determine the health of your eye, if any other conditions are present, and the best type of lens implant for you.

Choosing a lens implant may be part of the preparation process once you have decided to have your cataracts removed. There are a variety of types of intraocular lens (IOL) implants, ranging from lenses that correct vision to those that can decrease ultraviolet light exposure. Your doctor will work with you to select the best lens for your unique condition.

You will want to arrange for transportation to and from the surgery center. Your vision will not be accurate enough to allow you to drive yourself home safely from the appointment.

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