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In-Depth Overview of Hysterectomy Surgery


Updated June 09, 2014

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Hysterectomy-Important Questions
In-Depth Overview of Hysterectomy Surgery

Before and After Hysterectomy

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Before you decide to have hysterectomy surgery, be sure that your surgeon has answered your questions completely. This is a list of questions you may want to ask:
  • What structures do you intend to remove?
  • What approach will you use? Laparoscopic, open, vaginal, combination?
  • What side effects are considered normal?
  • What kind of discharge or bleeding is considered normal for the procedure?
  • What symptoms should alert me to go to the emergency room or call my surgeon?
  • What type of incision should I expect?
  • Where will the incision(s) be located?
  • How long will I be in the hospital?
  • How long should I take off of work?
  • When can I return to my normal level of activity?
  • Will I need Pap smears after surgery?
  • Are there any prescriptions that I will need after surgery that I can have filled before I am admitted to the hospital?

Everything You Need To Know About Hysterectomy Surgery

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