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Vasectomy Surgery


Updated June 11, 2014

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The Risks and Complications of a Vasectomy
The Vas Deferens During Vasectomy

The Vas Deferens During Vasectomy


A vasectomy surgery has certain risks, in addition to the general risks of surgery.

The Risks of Vasectomy

Bleeding: A small amount of bleeding should be expected, but serious bleeding should be reported to your doctor.

Hematoma: A collection of blood similar to a bruise but more severe, a hematoma after a vasectomy typically results from blood pooling under the skin at the surgical site.

Epidydimitis:A chronic ache or pain in the testicles, best known by the slang term “blue balls," this condition can be resolved with warm compresses in many cases. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the epydidimis.

Sexual Problems:While there is no physical reason for sexual problems, a small minority of men report problems with their ability to function sexually after surgery. This is typically related to feelings about the surgery rather than the surgery itself.

Spermatic Granuloma: An abscess that forms at the site of a vasectomy, caused by sperm leaking from the vas deferens after surgery.

Fertility/The Need For Repeat Surgery: In rare circumstances, the vasectomy procedure is not effective in preventing sperm from moving out of the testes. This is discovered when the sperm count does not fall after surgery and then the procedure must be repeated to be effective.

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