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Surgery: Most Popular Articles

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Be Aware of These Blood Clot Signs
What are the signs and symptoms of a blood clot? Find out if the signs and symptoms you are experiencing could be a blood clot.
Yuck! My Incision Has Drainage, What Do I Do?
Is wound drainage normal after surgery? What does exudate mean and is it normal to have exudate from an incision? Find out more about normal incisions and when a surgical incision needs medical attention.
What You Should Do After Gallbladder Surgery
Gallbladder surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed today because gallbladder problems are so common. Find out about gallbladder symptoms and diagnosis of gallbladder problems here.
How to Identify an Infection After Surgery
There are many different signs and symptoms of infections. Find out the signs and symptoms of general infections as well as incision infections.
Symptoms and Treatment of Inguinal Hernia
Understand what an inguinal hernia is, how it is diagnosed and treated. Find out what happens during inguinal hernia surgery and how an inguinal hernia and femoral hernia differ.
What You Should Be Eating While Recovering from...
Find out what to eat after surgery to help improve your healing and help your incision close quickly. Proper nutrition and food choices can help your recovery.
The Causes of Constipation After Surgery and...
Surgery can often cause constipation, and if the procedure doesn't, the changes in your daily routine can. Learn what diet, exercise, fluids, pain medications and surgery can do to cause constipation. Page 3.
What You Should Do If You Can't Urinate After...
The inability to urinate after surgery is a serious complication. Find out what to do if you can't pee after surgery, the treatment when you can't urinate. The causes of an inability to pee or urinate after surgery, called urinary retention, are explained.
How to Care for Stitches that Dissolve
If you had surgery recently, you may have been told that your surgeon used dissolving or absorbable stitches. Find out how to care for absorbable stitches and what not to do if you have dissolving stitches closing your incision.
Know When Your Symptoms After Surgery Warrant a...
Learn how to identify warning signs after your surgery.
Everything You Should Know About Hysterectomy...
Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)about hysterectomy surgery. Find out what to expect before and after a hysterectomy.
How Do I Decipher My Coagulation Blood Test...
Find out what PT, PTT and INR blood tests are, what the results mean and what could you could be eating and doing to change the test results of these common pre-surgery blood tests.
What to Expect When Recovering From Surgery
Recovering from surgery is the first step to feeling healthy after surgery. How quickly should be recovered from surgery and when will you be done healing and back to work and normal activities? What happens after you are discharged home to recover? Learn more about recovering after your surgery.
Are You a Universal Recipient? Find Out Now
What is a universal recipient? Who is a universal recipient? Find out what blood type is a universal recipient and how it works for blood and organ donation.
Incisional Hernia: What It is and How it's...
What is an incisional hernia, what causes it and how is it treated. How is incisional hernia surgery performed and what can you expect during recovery from hernia surgery.
Why Intubation Is Required for Surgery
What is intubation? What is the definition of intubation? Find out why intubation is done, why intubation is necessary with general anesthesia along with images of intubation.
What You Can Expect After Hemorrhoid Surgery
Are you considering hemorrhoid surgery? Find out what you can expect after having hemorrhoid treatment and during your recovery.
Liver Function Tests: What Does It All Mean?
Liver enzymes are an important way to measure the function of your liver, also known as hepatic function. Find out what normal liver enzyme and liver function levels are and what can change your results.
Did My Urinalysis Test Come Back Normal?
What is a normal urinalysis result? Why is your urine being examined anyway? Find out what your urinalysis results mean and how they help your doctor care for your health.
7 Types of Hernias and How to Treat Them
Hernia surgery is very common, but there are many types of hernias and just as many types of hernia repair surgeries. Find out about the different types of hernias, how hernias are diagnosed, and the types of surgery is done to fix the problem. Find out what you need to know about hernia surgery.
Does It Matter Whether Your Surgeon Is a DO or...
What are the differences between MD doctors and DO doctors and how do they affect the patient? Find out how these two types of doctors differ, how their training differs and what it means for you.
The Best Gifts You Can Give to a Hospital Patient
When a loved one is sick and in the hospital many people like to take a gift when they visit. Find out what gifts may not be appropriate for someone who is sick and in the hospital and gifts that your friend will appreciate.
Why Are Blood Tests Performed Before Surgery?
Learn more about one of the most common blood tests, the blood chemistry, or Chem7. Find out what is being tested for and what the results mean.
What Is a Triple Bypass Heart Surgery?
What is a triple bypass and why is it done? Triple bypass heart surgery is a very common procedure. Find out more about triple bypass surgery, open heart surgery and more.
Are Surgeries Always the Best for Epigastric...
What is an epigastric hernia, what causes an epigastric hernia and how is it treated.
What You Should Know About a CBC Complete Blood...
Learn what a CBC blood test is and what the results mean, along with other common blood tests.
I'm Recovering From Surgery, Can I Have Sex Now?
When is it safe to have sex after your surgery? Should you wait before having sexual intercourse or can you have sex today? Find out when it is safe and when you should wait before returning to your sex life after surgery.
Fever After Surgery: Is It Serious?
Are you concerned about a temperature after surgery? Find out if your temperature is serious, if your fever is normal and what you should do about a temperature after surgery.
What Happens During Hysterectomy Surgery?
Learn more about recovering from hysterectomy surgery, including recovery time, normal recovery and restrictions. Page 7.
Common Post-Surgical Complications
Do you have questions about your recovery after surgery? Find out the answers to common questions about incisions, complications and problems that happen during recovery after surgery.
How Do Conscious Sedation Drugs Actually Work?
What is Versed? When is Versed given? Find out why Versed is given, when Versed is used, how Versed is given, the side effects of Versed and combining Versed and Fentanyl.
What Is Quadruple Bypass Heart Surgery?
Quadruple bypass heart surgery is a very serious surgical procedure. Find out what a quadruple bypass surgery is and why quadruple bypass surgery is necessary and more about open heart surgery.
How Your Surgeon Can Reduce Scarring After...
Learn how to prevent and minimize surgery scars. It is possible to minimize scars from an injury or surgery, find out the different ways to decrease scarring.
Scared of Surgery? Here's How to Relieve Your...
If you are afraid of surgery you are not alone. Surgery can be very scary, for some it can cause full blown panic attacks. Learn about ways to deal with a fear of surgery and the anxiety it causes in this article.
Top Tips for a Vasectomy Recovery
Recovery after vasectomy surgery should be quick and fairly painless. Find out what you should expect after a vasectomy. Page 5.
What to Do If Your Throat Hurts After Surgery
Why does my throat hurt after surgery? What should I do about a sore throat after surgery? When should my throat feel better after surgery? Learn why general anesthesia and intubation during surgery can cause throat pain and what to do about it.
Who Needs an Umbilical Hernia Surgery?
Find out what an umbilical hernia is, how it is diagnosed and treated. Find out what happens during an umbilical hernia repair surgery and recovery.
What Is a Quintuple Bypass Surgery?
What is a quintuple bypass? Find out when heart bypass surgery is needed, alternative treatments and what happens during the procedure.
A Guide to Understanding the Risks Involved...
Before undergoing surgery, every patient should understand the risks involved. No surgery is risk free, but understanding the potential problems will help guide patients to an informed decision.
The Necessary Steps for Becoming a Doctor
Becoming a doctor or surgeon is a long and challenging process. Learn how to become a doctor or surgeon starting in high school or college. Learn how many years it takes to become a surgeon and what happens during each stage of training including bachelor's degree, medical school, residency and fellowships.
Don't Ignore These Signs and Symptoms of Sepsis
Sepsis, also known as bacteremia or blood poisoning, is a very serious condition. Find out the signs and symptoms that are common during sepsis. Identifying sepsis quickly is key to effective treatment.
Why You Can't Eat or Drink Before Surgery
Find out why you can't eat before you have surgery. No eating or drinking before surgery is a common instruction, find out what to eat before surgery and when you need to quit eating to be ready for your procedure.
Bleeding After a Hysterectomy: Is it Abnormal?
Are you experiencing bleeding after having a hysterectomy? Find out when bleeding after a hysterectomy is normal, what to do about post hysterectomy bleeding and when the bleeding may indicate a serious problem.
How Blood Pumps Through the Heart
Wondering how blood travels through the heart? Learn about how the heart pumps blood, and how it travels through the heart and body, tracing a drop of blood through the heart.
The Truth About Pregnancy After a Hysterectomy
Pregnancy after hysterectomy, is isn't possible, or is it? Find out the truth about becoming pregnant after having hysterectomy surgery.
Who Is At Risk for a Femoral Hernia?
Find out what a femoral hernia is, how it is treated, how the surgery is performed and even how to prevent a femoral hernia. Also, the difference between a femoral and an inguinal hernia.
Did You Know There's This Many Surgical...
An A-Z list of the different types of surgical specialties and the type of surgery that is practiced.
Have an Easier Surgery With These Drugs
Learn more about surgery drugs, the drugs typically used before surgery, during surgery and after surgery. This list of common surgery drugs includes antibiotics, anesthesia drugs and more.
The Right Amount of Time to Wait Before Bathing...
There are many precautions that need to be taken after having surgery. Bathing and swimming may be limited for some time. When is it safe to take a bath after surgery?
Ten Ways To Improve Your Recovery After Surgery
Wondering how to make your recovery from surgery go faster? These ten simple tips will help speed your recovery time after your surgical procedure.
Common Tests That are Necessary Before Surgery
Tests are very common before surgery. Find out what tests you can expect to have before your procedure, what the results mean and why the test is being performed.
Understanding Common Blood Tests And What They...
If you are having surgery, your physician may want to order blood work to determine how healthy you are before the procedure. Find out about common blood tests such as a CBC, Chem 7, ABG, H&H, PT, PTT & INR, ABO typing and what the results mean for you.
What You Should Eat and Drink After a...
Learn what to eat, what not to eat and when to call the surgeon while recovering from a tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy surgery. Find out what to expect during a typical recovery from tonsillectomy surgery.
Prevent Infection With Proper Incision Care...
Learn how to care for your surgical incision properly. Find out the right way to care for your incision to heal quickly after your surgical procedure is over.
6 Tips For Making a Blood Draw Easier
Having blood drawn bothers some people. Here are ways to lessen the discomfort: e.g. Breathe, drink water (unless you're not supposed to), don't look.
Just Had Surgery? Here's How to Care for Your...
Learn how to properly care for an incision, preventing infection and healing quickly.
What You Should Expect After Prostate Surgery
Find out what to expect after prostate surgery. Sex after prostate surgery information, incontinence after prostate surgery and other potential prostate surgery complications explained.
Worried About a Surgery? Read These Top Tips to...
What do before you have surgery, from finding a surgeon to what to pack for your hospital stay. Important surgical information from nutrition and exercise before surgery, finding out the costs of surgery,preparing for discharge, dental work and surgery, the 24 hours before surgery, what to eat and not eat and drink before your surgery.
How to Pay for Surgery Costs That Insurance...
Learn how to pay for surgery if your insurance company won't, or if you do not have insurance. Even if your insurance won't pay you can still have surgery.
How to Prevent a Post-Surgery Wound Opening...
Find out what to do if your incision begins to open, a complication known as dehiscence. An incision that opens up can become a serious problem that requires medical attention. Find out more about this surgical complication here.
Know the Difference Between Sepsis Infection...
What is the difference between sepsis and septic shock? Find out what sepsis is, how it differs from septic shock, and what causes septic shock after surgery or infection.
Smart Ways to Deal with Pus from a Wound
Pus coming from a wound or a surgical incision can be a serious problem. Find out what to do if you notice pus coming from your incision after surgery.
What Does a Pacemaker Do?
Wondering what happens during pacemaker surgery? Learn how a pacemaker surgery is performed and what happens during surgery. Page 4.
What Is a Universal Donor?
What is a universal blood donor? Find out what a universal donor is, what blood type is the universal donor type, and more.
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Dealing with Hiatal...
Find out what is a hiatal hernia? How is a hiatal hernia diagnosed? What happens during hiatal hernia surgery?
Heart Murmur Explained
Heart murmurs are very common. Learn the different types of heart murmurs and what a heart murmur means.
What to Expect From Emergency Surgery
What is emergency surgery and why do you need it? What makes a health problem an emergency? What should you expect when you need emergency surgery from lab tests and anesthesia to recovery. Emergency surgery doesn't have to be traumatic if you know what to expect.
DVT: Deep Vein Thrombosis
Learn what a DVT, or deep vein thrombosis is, where they are commonly found and why they are more common after surgery.
Understanding the Potential Risks and...
The risks and complications of heart surgery are explained in detail. Understand the potential complications of having open heart surgery in this article.
Everything You Need to Know About Prostate...
Are you looking for information about prostate surgery? Find information about what happens during prostate surgery, a comparison of prostate surgery procedures and more.
Causes of Kidney Failure
Kidney failure is increasingly common. Find out what exactly kidney failure is and how it is treated.
What Does the Spleen Do, Anyway?
What does the spleen do and how does it function? Find out what the spleen does and why you can live without it.
Do You Know the Difference Between Craniotomy...
Wondering about the difference between a craniotomy and a craniectomy? Learn more about these surgeries, including when a craniectomy is better than a craniotomy.
The Risks Of Cataract Surgery
Learn about the risks and complications that are possible after having cataract surgery and what you should do about them.
How to Find a Great Surgeon
Learning how to find a surgeon isn't difficult, but it requires more effort than opening the phone book. Learn how to find a surgeon and remember, all surgeons are not created equally. Learn how to find the best surgeon for you.
What Will Happen to You After Open Heart Bypass...
Find out what to expect when recovering after open heart bypass surgery. Learn what is normal after your open heart surgery. Page 3.
All About Open Heart Surgery and Recovery
Do you need heart surgery? Are you wondering if heart surgery is the right decision for you? Learn about heart surgery, from preparing for a heart procedure to what happens during surgery and recovering after heart surgery. Find out what you need to know about heart surgery.
Do You Really Need Surgery? Why a Second...
Before you make up your mind to have surgery, take the time to explore your options. You may be able to postpone surgery or completely avoid it.
Lymph Nodes Defined
An explanation of the function of lymph nodes, their location and more.
The Risks of Anesthesia for Surgery
A sore throat is a common side effect of general anesthesia. What causes a sore throat during surgery? Page 8.
How to Deal With This Post-Gallbladder Surgery...
Diarrhea after gallbladder surgery can be a serious problem. Find out why diarrhea is common after cholecystectomy this common side effect happens and what to do about diarrhea after gallbladder surgery. Learn how to treat diarrhea after gallbladder surgery.
Who Needs Surgery to Insert Ear Tubes?
Find out when adults need a myringotomy, a surgery to insert ear tubes that is typically done for children. Page 3.
When Can I Drive After Surgery?
Driving after surgery should not be done until you are sure you can do it safely. Find out when you should consider waiting before driving after a surgical procedure.
Why Do I Have to Take Out My Piercings?
Are you concerned about taking off your jewelry or removing piercings before your surgery? Find out why you should remove jewelry prior to having surgery or tests done.
Staph Infections
Staph infections can be a very serious complication of surgery. Find out how to prevent a staph infection, how staph infections are treated and who is at greater risk for a staph infection.
10 Things You Should Tell Your Surgeon Before...
Your surgeon needs information from you just as much as you need information about your surgery. Here are the ten things you need to discuss with your surgeon before scheduling your procedure.
What You Can Do About Scabs After Surgery
Find out what a skin scab is made of and what to do if you have a scab. Surgery incisions have scabs, find out how to treat the scab on your skin incision.
Tips for Preparing Your Bowels for a Colonoscopy
What is bowel prep? Why is bowel prep done and why is it necessary to do bowel prep before a colonoscopy or surgery? Find out here.
How To: Coughing After Surgery
Coughing after surgery can be very painful, but it is necessary. Find out the correct way to cough after having surgery.
Understanding the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy...
The vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss surgery typically performed on patients who cannot qualify for more standard weight loss surgeries due to weight or intestinal issues.
Question and Answer: Hypertension Causes
Learn about the causes of primary hypertension, secondary hypertension and white coat hypertension. Find out why hypertension can happen after surgery when your blood pressure was normal before the surgical procedure.
Prolapse Defined
Prolapse explained in detail, including uterine prolapse.
Must-Know Facts About Anesthesia for Surgery
What is anesthesia? Find out what anesthesia is, how anesthesia is given, the types of anesthesia and much more.
The Important Surgery Questions You Should...
Before you have surgery there are important questions that you should ask. Find out what questions to ask your surgeon about the surgical procedure.
Endometriosis After Hysterectomy
Endometriosis is a common reason for having a hysterectomy. Find out about endometriosis after a hysterectomy, why you may experience endometriosis pain after hysterectomy and why endometriosis is not always cured by hysterectomy surgery.
Heart Valve Replacements
There are several types of valves currently available for surgeons to use, but there are benefits and downsides to each type.
Sepsis and Septic Shock: Understanding Serious...
The diagnosis of sepsis or septic shock is a serious one. Find out what sepsis is, the difference between sepsis and septic shock, and how they are diagnosed and treated.
Pulmonary Embolism In Detail
What is a pulmonary embolism? Find out what a PE is, what causes it and how it is treated.
Heart Valves: Where They Are and What They Do
There are four valves in the human heart. Find out how the heart valves function, their location and more.
Why You Might Have a Fever Post-Surgery
What are the causes of fever after surgery? Find out what causes a temperature after surgery, when a fever after surgery is an emergency and when to call your surgeon about a fever.
What Is an Exploratory Laparotomy Surgery?
Find out what you can expect during your recovery after laparotomy surgery. Page 7.
Don't Ignore These Post-Surgery Depression Signs
Identifying the signs and symptoms of depression can lead to faster treatment. A diagnosis of a serious injury or surgery can trigger an episode of depression. Find out the signs of depression here.
Prostate Surgery In Detail
Find out what TURP - Transurethral Resection of the Prostate - surgery is and how it is used to treat prostate cancer.
Complications After Prostate Surgery
Are you concerned about the complications that can happen after prostate surgery? Find out what complications are associated with prostate surgery.
Should I Keep My Ovaries?
Oophorectomy, or surgery to remove the ovaries, has significant risks and complications. Learn about the risks of an oophorectomy. Make sure you understand the risks associated with oophorectomy, or removal of the ovaries, before you choose to have surgery.
gastric bypass, bypass surgery, weight loss...
Twenty-five helpful tips for life after gastric bypass surgery. Learn how to achieve your goals after your weight loss surgery. Find out the best ways to make your weight loss a success after surgery, make your bypass surgery work for you.
The Best Ways to Prevent Post-Surgery Infections
How to prevent infections after your surgery. Learn how to avoid an infection during recovery from surgery and how to spot an infection early.
What Are The Risks of Plastic Surgery
Every surgery has risks, including cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Find out what the risks of surgery are and what you can do to decrease the potential for complications.
Common Post-Surgery Pains and How to Fix Them
There are many types of surgery pain. Learn more about the types of pain that may be present before and after surgery.
Understanding How Lactated Ringer's Can Replace...
Find out what Lactated Ringer's is, why it is given and what you need to know about Lactated Ringer's after surgery. Lactated Ringer's is a common IV solution, find out why it is used.
What is a Foley Catheter?
Find out why a Foley Catheter is used, how it is inserted, and why a Foley is important if you are having surgery.
Be Aware of These Common Problems After Surgery
Are you experiencing problems after surgery? Postoperative complications range from very minor to life-threatening. Find out if the problem you are experiencing is typical and what you can do about it.
Must-Know Details About Lumpectomy Surgery
After breast lumpectomy surgery including normal incision care, normal recovery, the wait for lab results and how to minimize pain and discomfort. Page 3.
Help, I Think I Have Cellulitis!
Find out what cellulitis is, the signs and symptoms of cellulitis and how it is treated.
Understanding the Different Types of Physicians
Understanding the different types of physicians including medical students, interns, residents, fellows and attendings.
Passing Gas After Surgery
Passing gas after surgery, commonly known as flatulence, is an important sign regarding your recovery after your procedure. Find out why flatulence matters after surgery, and an explanation of postoperative ileus, which is what doctors and nurses are looking for when they ask that personal question.
Why General Anesthesia Is Used
What is general anesthesia, how is it given, why is it given and by whom?
Recovering After Surgery
How long will your recovery after surgery take? Have you gotten conflicting information about how long your recovery will last? Find out why here.
Before, During & After Cataract Surgery
After having cataract surgery there are a few things that you can do to make your recovery go smoothly. Find out what you can expect after surgery and what you can expect during your recovery.
EEEEK! How Do I Change a Surgical Bandage?
How to remove a surgical bandage or dressing with a minimum of pain. Pull the skin away from the bandage gently and look out for redness.
What Is TURP Syndrome?
TURP syndrome, also known as TUR syndrome, is a serious complication after prostate surgery. Find out what TURP syndrome is and what causes TURP Syndrome. Learn the symptoms of TURP syndrome here.
What Are the Symptoms of a Prostate Gland...
What are the signs and symptoms of a prostate problem? Find out the symptoms of a prostate gland problem, what signs may indicate prostate issues and what to look for if you suspect a prostate issue.
Hysterectomy For Uterine Prolapse
If you are considering a hysterectomy, find out what to expect from women who have had a hysterectomy. This interview with a real woman who has had a hysterectomy offers insight into the procedure and advice for yours.
What You Need To Know About Hemorrhoidectomy...
When is hemorrhoid surgery necessary and what should you know before choosing to have the hemorrhoidectomy procedure? Find valuable information about hemorrhoid surgery here.
Blood Clots During and After Surgery
A blood clot that forms during or after surgery can be as simple as a blood clot in the leg, or it may become a life-threatening emergency. Find out what you should know about blood clots after surgery and the way these clots may be treated.
How You Should Recover from Appendectomy Surgery
Did you or a loved one have an appendectomy surgery? Find out what to expect when recovering from an appendectomy. Page 6.
Your Guide to Double Bypass Heart Surgeries
What is double bypass heart surgery? Find out what double bypass surgery is, why a double bypass is performed and what you need to know about open heart surgery.
Your Comparative Guide to Mastectomies
Recovering from a mastectomy, life after having a mastectomy and getting back to physical activity including sex after mastectomy and exercise. Page 6.
Must-Know Facts About Packed Red Blood Cells
What are packed red blood cells--PRBCs--and why are they given? Find out more about transfusions of packed red blood cells.
How Long Should I Wait Between Surgeries?
How long should you wait between surgeries? Find out how long you should wait before having another surgical procedure.
Splenectomy: Spleen Removal Surgery for...
Learn more about spleen surgery, known as a splenectomy, why the spleen is removed, how it is done and what you need to know about recovering from spleen surgery.
How to Best Recover from Thyroid Gland Surgery
Wondering what you can expect after thyroid surgery? Find out what happens during a typical recovery after thyroid surgery. Page 9.
An Easy-to-Understand Definition of Vagina
The definition of vagina, including what the vagina does, where it is located and a vagina image
The Evolution of Surgery: A Historical Timeline
What was the first surgery? When was the first organ transplant performed? Find out about the history of surgery from this timeline of surgical history.
The Definition of Sepsis
Sepsis after surgery can be a life-threatening complication. What is sepsis, what causes sepsis and what is done to treat sepsis. Understand when sepsis becomes septic shock and the treatments necessary.
Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, is a technique that allows surgery to be performed without the long traditional incision.
Lab Band? Should I or Shouldn't I?
Lap Band surgery, or adjustable gastric band surgery, is a type of restrictive weight loss surgery. Find out what you need to know about Lap Band surgery.
Understanding the Differences Between...
Arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis are not the same thing. Learn the differences between atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis and why atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis or both may make open heart surgery necessary.
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) After Surgery
Do you have a urinary tract infection (UTI)? Find out why UTIs are common after surgery and what causes the infection.
Understanding the Risks and Complications of...
What are the potential risks and complications of hysterectomy? Find out what you need to know about the risks of hysterectomy surgery and the possible complications.
Burr Hole Surgery Information
What is a burr hole? Why does brain surgery typically start with burr holes? What happens during the burr hole procedure?
Tips For Visiting a Sick Friend In The Hospital
Before you visit a friend or relative in the hospital, read these quick tips for visiting sick patients. Your loved one will appreciate your courtesy when you follow these important rules for visiting a hospitalized patient.
Anterior Defined
The definition of the word anterior, find out the meaning of anterior.
What is a Surgical Drain?
What is a surgical drain and why is a surgical drain necessary? Find out why a surgical drain may be placed during your surgical procedure and how to care for a surgical drain at home.
What is the Risk of Death from Surgery?
The risks of surgery include death, typically from a complication of anesthesia. Consider the risks of surgery, no surgery is risk free.
Tonsils and Tonsillectomies-Before, During and...
Learn about tonsils, tonsillitis and when surgery is necessary. Find out what happens before, during and after tonsillectomy surgery.
Peroxide or Alcohol on an Incision?
Find out the best ways to care for an incision after surgery, including whether or not you can use alcohol, peroxide, lotions, powders and ointments on your incision
The Costs of Surgery
Why is surgery so expensive and what makes it cost so much? Find out why surgery is so expensive and what contributes to the high cost of surgical procedures.
Questions To Ask Your Surgeon Before a...
If you are considering having a hysterectomy, you will find this list of questions to ask your surgeon very helpful. Page 1 of 3.
Jejunum: Part of the Small Intestine
The middle portion of the small intestine. Find out what it does.

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