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When I Grow Up I Want to be a Doctor

Share Your Story: Becoming a Doctor or Surgeon

By Jonathan Nuryan

Updated March 22, 2012

Why I Want To Be a Doctor

I would like to become a doctor because i get to help people in need. Working in a hospital seems easier than working in the field such as a paramedic because all of the tools are right infront of you. Following up on the patient is also something that inspires me. I've had numerous ancestors that were doctors and i probably inherited some of it into my bloodwork! Knowing at the end of the day i have helped somone appeals to me greatly and i view doc's as heros.

Here's What I'm Doing

To become a doctor and achieve my dream, i am going to study my hardest in school and strive for above perfect. I am entering highschool in fall 2012 and from then on i will not "mess around" with school anymore. If i have a problem in a class, i will seek out all the help i can get to fix it. Math is not a strong point for me but i hope to solve that problem and sustain an A+ grade in all classes. After highschool i will waste no time trying to get a scholarship to UCLA. Once accepted i will get my bachelors degree and move on to medical school. Once in medical school i will complete the courses and become a resident until i have completed my time. I will do all it takes to become a doctor.


  • i have learned that becoming a doctor is very hard and that one must put all thier effort into thier goals and dreams.

What Kind of Doctor Would You Like To Be?

I would like to become an ER trauma doctor, a GP, or a Surgeon

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