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Readers Respond: Infections & Surgery: Your Experience

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Updated December 04, 2010

Did you have an infection after your surgery? Did you wonder if you had an infection for too long before you acted, or were you able to identify the problem right away? Share your experience with infection, or preventing infection, here. Share Your Story


I got shingles after my open heart surgery across my left chest & its very painful. Why would my sternal scar be fading only in certain areas on my incision site.
—Guest Gary Towne

1 year of pain

I had my 1st THR in 2003, I had been in the military for a number of yrs, I was 31 and swallowed numerous pain meds which led to problems. I needed to change my job, my life, but didn't listen. Since last Nov the pain in groin and knee unbearable. Doctor said I had sprained knee, I knew there was more and the only way they found it was a CAT scan. Months of stupid tests, no pain meds coz nothing worked. Now its done and Im reading this may not work? That doctor could have saved me months of pain, and I think he knew what was coming but bled my insurance for every dumb, stupid tests. Don't let that doctor dismiss you, I should have never accepted that diagnosis as I knew it was wrong. Pitch a bitch, tell them "It fucking hurts dude, and no amount of meds work. Last X-mas I took 100mg of methadone to get presents, I got high, pushed thru it and next day it was worse and I got sick. Temple U thanx for NOTHING. I got low grade fever, hoping it goes away. Bo Kerr 1-87, 10th Mountain Div.
—Guest Bonesaw

Bloody Mass

My other half had a colon resection in early Aug. since then, he has had incision leakage. Went on three rounds of antibiotics. Leakage never stopped. Dr. Was not concerned. Has constantly ran a low grade fever. Last night, he was about to change the bandage and he noticed a red mass sticking out of the incision. He tried to wipe it away. He couldn't. He think go stuck on tissue, and he starting trying to pull it out. About six inches of this bloody mass came out in the shape of a rope, and it bleed like crazy, and all of a sudden it stopped to clear fluid. He had a lump at the end of the incision, and that is now gone. He said he feels like the pressure is off. He also refused to call the doctor. Any thoughts?
—Guest jeanJo1


I am 6.5 weeks post ACDF at C3-4. This is my 3rd ACDF. My cord had jcollapsed into the disc space. I developed a fluid collection with air, leading to a possible abcess. Because my WBC had decreased since surgery, I was discharged from ER. On my follow up the NS was concerned & I was admitted for IV antibiotics. Infectious disease was sure I was not infected , I was discharged after 3 days. This time I developed a ischemic thumb from an I V infiltration. The thumb was evaluated, as an inpatient, all agreed, I was not infected and was discharged. Orders to follow up with the vascular surgeon (appt. tommorow), Last night I found 2 round pus balls on my ACDF incision. I put a large bandaid over it, since it was not draining & skin was closed. This morning the bandaid was saturated with pus, very little pink on edges of the bandaid pad & some chunks of pus. I called my NS, said it was likely a suture abcess. Orders to apply neosporin and call back at 4pm. How much pus is OK?
—Guest Lucy Escobar

surgial glue

Had operation for bowel cancer in large intestine had glue to close wound 5 days later it became infected 2days after pinkish fluid came out of wound doctor open it emptied and cleansed lot of puss came out doctor leftwound open clean with soap and water said will close the wound insde out naturally this site has given me infomation wanted to know thankyou!
—Guest orvokki

vaginal repair

Had the surgery for the prolapse on Sep. 2010, and i was told their was a recall on this surgery, my doctor said he didn't use the mesh recall, but I am having severe leg pain on my right side and it's spreading up to my hip and the right side of my butt as if i had a shot on my butt. I have lower back pain and have been bleeding when i have bowel movement. I was told i had hemorroids, but not sure it's like a period that comes and goes when i have a bowel movement. I have severe depression and lost my job due to this surgery, now i'm not sure that i'm able to work again, i have so much to talk about...it's killing to that i can't seem to even get disability for my mental health.
—Guest shelly

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Infections & Surgery: Your Experience

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