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Readers Respond: Did You Experience Complications After Your Surgery?

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Updated September 13, 2010

Before you undergo a procedure, your doctor should be clear about the potential complications of the procedure you are going to have. Still, it's often that patients say they are surprised by some of these complications, or perhaps simply the extent of them. Were you surprised by what happened after your surgery or the road to recovery that was ahead of you? Share your experience. Share Your Experience

mesh complication

I had bilateral inguinal hernia surgery in 2009 right after I have a lot of testicular pain and inflammation the surgeon told me it can go away in 1 or 2 weeks it get worse the urine stop the left mesh migrate to the midline and have adhesion to the bladder so the surgeon say is up to the urologist to remove it but the urologist say is up to the surgeon so here I'm with a lot of pain can't pee, can't have sex and I have no idea who going to fix this mess.
—Guest Alberto Trujillo

Infected Mesh

I had hernia surgery in August, 2013. I felt a hard spot above the incision. The doctor said this would disappear shortly. On 2/6/14 I had to have more surgery because I now had a growth on the outside of my stomach. The doctor said that the mesh was infected. My wife asked if a new mesh was put in and he replied that there was enough scar tissue so that the mesh was not needed. I go back to se him on 2/14/14
—Guest William DuBois


I have headache and short breath, and pain over my knee
—Guest tshepiso

Keloid scar

The top of my incision is a thick gathered keloid , now I can't put my head back or arch my back it makes incision rip open
—Guest Victoria

Complications after Surgery

a Huge bake potato goiter removed noncancerous, was told no worries, you are in good health, hour operation afterwards you will be able to return to work in four weeks depending on your healing. I was in surgery for five hours, with complications,but with great rest and healing you should be fine was sent home second day Aug 2011, with a large massive incision across my neck. I was very sedated with pain pills slept a lot during the next five days my voice was slow with slurring words, by fifth day total lost all speaking with Great pain across my neck and head region. I was rushed back in to hospital, for testing, MRI and cat scan ,showing hemorrhaging had occurred, but was never told this just damaged nerves and muscles. Today I found out I was hemorraging, with complications MRI told hospital this from being tested. Still Today 2014, I cannot speak and when I try I am in Great Pain for hours. Arms and Legs still get numb with pricks up and down left side when I over do it. HELP ? .
—Guest susan

Hernia mesh repair

I had a second repair on my left side and have had a fluid collection drained twice and now it is full of a litter of fluid and no options for repair. I look pregnant on my left side. They went in to tack part of my side wall to it to try and seal it and that did not work. What are my options now?
—Guest Patty scheler

Rotor cuff surgery in 2011 and 2012

Had rotor cuff surgery twice been in rehab over a period of 42 visit and still can't lift my arm all the way up,can't sleep on it or even comb my hair because I am right handed and their is still pain, worker comp doctor won't to said I have reach medical maximum improvement and don't wont to help me, what could be wrong with it still please anyone he me. BWC won't even give me another. MRI Thank
—Guest Coco

worried LM

My husband had a lipoma excision on 27October on the upper abdomen.The morning after the excion there was a swell on the incision.We asked the doctor and he said it was going to be fine.He was discharged ,we went home.The swell was stil there for about 2weeks.It was now red and showed that there was pus.It burst and dark fluid came out.it looked like a mixture of pus and blood.we went to see a doctor and he drained it.We used salty water to clean the wound then applied G and I.Wat Worries me now is up to now it hasn't healed.Now my husbands health has detereorated.He has lost appetite and weight too.Could there be something wrong inside his body? Guest Rue
—Guest Lipoma Excision

Hernia Repair placed with Mesh gone bad

I had a hernia repair with Mesh replaced in 2006. It cause a two bowel blockages, which caused a fistula in my abdominal wall. I had to have a blood transfusion because of internal bleeding.
—Guest USBC

cervical cancer laser surgery

I've been bleeding for 3 weeks after surgery and clots and lots of pain in my back and on my cervix.
—Guest Miranda


After having most of my colon removed for diverticulitis, I developed an absess that took over most of my abdomen. It developed into e-coli and was very nearly terminal. Surgurns had to open often and clean the absess as wellas place a wound vac in me. Was in hospital for 5 weeks. Still having complications from time to time
—Guest Matthew

hysterectomy gone bad

I had a partial hysterectomy 19 days ago .it had totally changed my life.my life or attitude is the same. It was the worst thing I've ever done wish I could have my uterus back and forget this whole thing
—Guest tabbykat


I had a full hysterectomy 2 years ago and the last few months I have been experiences cramps and lower back pain like I am getting my period. Can this happen and is it normal 2 years later?
—Guest Guest Carol


I got infected two days. After surgery I was cut opened and left to heal from the inside out. It reherniated.
—Guest melvin


I'm 34 years old. At 24 I had to have a total hysterectomy and removal of my ovaries. At 25 I had a bladder tact. In May of this year I had to have an upper and lower colporraphy. I have had pain still after having this surgery. Apparently I have healed to tightly and now have to have additional surgery to try and repair this. Is there anyone out there who has been through the colporaphy and was able to to live a pain free life without complications?
—Guest Ang

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Did You Experience Complications After Your Surgery?

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