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Readers Respond: Did You Experience Complications After Your Surgery?

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Updated September 13, 2010

Before you undergo a procedure, your doctor should be clear about the potential complications of the procedure you are going to have. Still, it's often that patients say they are surprised by some of these complications, or perhaps simply the extent of them. Were you surprised by what happened after your surgery or the road to recovery that was ahead of you? Share your experience.

gastric bypass complications

I had a gastric bypass to improve my health. I expected to be in hospital 3 days...but...I was bleeding internally so my surgeon went back in laproscopically to have a look. He cleaned out clots and put in a drain. For two days the drain has been filling and my hemoglobin is still down. Today he gave me two more units of blood and said that based on the drain contents he might have to go in and have another look. Hoping for the best.
—Guest ralphpeters

urination difficulties at times

I had an emergency apendectomy and partial removal of a foot or so of the end of my small intestine and ascending colon losing in the process, my ileocecal valve. From time to time, I awaken in the morning with great difficulty in urination. Usually, I have no problem with urination with a good full stream even though I have a slightly enlarged prostate and am 73. It seems as though when this happens and I decide to sleep on my back for a while, the problem relents and I'm back to "NOrmal" I think what may be happening is that my bowel no longer having it's original archetecture from time to time twists and presses up against my urethra causing a near blockage. It is frightening and can last for several hours until somehow I am able to get relief. WHen this happens, I also note that I don't get complete bowel emptying and it takes several sessions on the toilet to complete this with small bowel movements instead of a large one. And since op. only poorly formed bowel movements anyway.
—Guest Beastly_Bowel

Colon resection And total hysterectomy

Why 3 yrs I had abdominal surgery april/09 in Calgary . When I awoke I was complaining about rt hip and rt knee pain in fact it was worse than the colon rection( for divertictultis ) first time up in in the chair my rt knee was twice the size of left leg. After complaining to dr and staff after checking for blood clot which was neg I was told by staff lots of PTs with this surgery have knee and hip pain normal will go away . I went home and was icing my knee my staples were fine my rt knee was so painful I cried like a baby as I was reassured was normal I had a friend stay with me , I tryed to wall the hall , we bought many braces etc . After 2 mons off work Time to return , I was. Using crutches or a can , my family dr sent me for an MRI that month it showed 2 100% tears to two knee muscles after repair and many many treatment I had to have a total right knee replacement this jan / 2012 anyone have any problems ?
—Guest 3yrsofhell

Laparotomy After Colonoscopy

My wife went for a routine colonoscopy and came out with a colon tear due to removal of scope by doctor. After being sent to the ER, I.V. fluids were given and blood test run. Her vital signs were stable and gastrointestinal surgeon was called for examination. After evaluation of abdomen was cleared as satisfactory, the doctor ordered abdominal x-rays and an air enema contrast to rule out intraabdominal perforation. Upon recieving the abdominal xray the doctor cancelled the air contast study to rule out perforation. He used free air as the only clincal findings, then ordered her to surgery for an emergency open laprotomy. Post surgery findindings, NO intraabdominal perforations found! The rectal perf was repaired using scope through rectum first, then open laproscopy last. The postoperative conditions for her, a previously healthy person, have been very debilitating. She has IBS, anxiety and depression with no previous history.
—Guest Michael H


I have a pacemaker and cow heart valve and had a fat transfer done and about 1 1/2 weeks after got very swick with symptoms of weird skin sensitivities and my head feeling strange--like vibrating. Also, at the site of where the fat was taken from, I had a lot of pain for a very long period of time. I am still having symptoms after 2 yrs and for some strange reason raw garlic seems to help somewhat. This is an awful thing and I just want to feel better.

Bad Hernia repair

I had my second hernia repair in 2002 and a month later my stomach was red around my belly-button. Went to the Dr. and he lanced it so it would drain because it was infected. I asked how long it would drain and he said as long as I wanted to put up with it without another surgery. Things came up and I didn't have the surgery and it is still draining to this day. I went back to the surgeon that did it and he thought he could get a drain point and get it drained and let it heal on the inside. They can't find a pocket of where it is coming from so I'm stuck with this unless I want to have a major surgery to take out all the mesh which didn't guarentee that I wouldn't solve the problem or could die in the process. Great Huh???????
—Guest Janeie


I had an inguinal hernia repair 1 1/2 weeks ago and my complication was needing a catheter for 3 days. It was painful to go the the bathroom and my muscles froze up to where I couldn't go at all. Finally after 3 days it was taken out and I used a donut to raise the toilet seat up by 5 inches and it has made all the difference in the world. Now there is no pain at all when I use the bathroom. I can't wait though till I heal completely. I get sick to my stomach a lot especailly if I over eat. It is like the hernia takes room away for food

Pain 3 months after a nephrectomy

I had my right kidney removed in April of this year. I was told I would be pain free after approximately 1 month. I have experiencing pain in the area where they removed the kidney for 3 months. It gets worse at night and I can barely sleep because of the pain. I have a doctors appointment on Monday but am anxious to know.
—Guest Heather

Total Knee Replacement Complications

I had TKR with an end result of a damaged sciatic nerve that did not respond to prednisone or therapy, so the surgical leg is weak and there is daily pain in my back, knee and leg. There was no warning from the Dr. of this possibility, so it was a shock and has been very difficult to live with. The other knee needs replacement as well, but it is too scary to consider now, so there is double pain! Appetite was affected and energy has been low. Consider all before deciding to have this surgery!!
—Guest Diane Hughes

Major complication after hysterectomy

I had my surgery on April 21st of this year. I had a total of two bowel movements in a week. I had the staples removed on April 27th. All of a sudden the bowel movements stopped, the passing of gas stopped and I stayed nauseated and could not hold anything down not even water! The pain meds no longer helped and I was literally screaming in pain. I went to the emergency room on April 29th and found out that my small intestines didn't wake up from when I had the surgery. The pain was sooo bad I had to take a dose of morphine every 15 minutes!! I had to be admitted and stayed until my intestines woke up and I couldn't eat or drink anything for 2 days. My intestines didn't start waking up til 2 days after I was able to have a liquid diet. It's June and I still have problems with constipation but I don't regret having the surgery, it was necessary.
—Guest abdominal hysterectomy

Complications After Heart Surgery

I am an avid cyclist and had open heart surgery to repair ASD and a membrane located in my atrium connected to the hole in the septum. I now have rapid heart rate after a MAZE procedure. Beta blockers do not work,blood thinner makes me feel like you know what.
—Guest craig

Urinating After Surgery!

I am now on day 3 post op after a DiVinci total hysterectomy. All is well except not being able to pee without bearing down with as much pressure as a labor pain. Swollen stomach from bladder and constant burning are my company each night. I was told as long as I'm passing SOME urine it's ok...I'm miserable!
—Guest REnee

back surgery

I had lower back sugery two months ago to fix a bulging disc. My leg and foot are still not fixed (numbness and pain in foot). Pain in back came back three weeks later. Starting over with a new MRI to find the problem.
—Guest Sue

surgery complications

My husband had colon resection done 8 weeks ago, the day after he had staples removed had to go to the ER, he was bleeding from the rectum. The doctor went back in to repair what we were told was minor tear. After surgery the doctor said had to put colostomy bag on because colon wall was weak. Now and his incision has foul pus draining. The doctor says it is nothing to worry about.
—Guest rose


During my surgery and intubation someone who administered it must have hit my cap on my tooth, it became loose after my surgery and when my dentist checked it the post was broken. The stress from the tube insertion must have cracked the post and my crown was falling off. The dentist has to try to build a new post as best as he can to attach my crown back. I don't know if my dental insurance will pay for this.

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