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Readers Respond: Ways To Overcome Surgery Anxiety

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Updated September 13, 2010

Surgery anxiety can make the thought of surgery seem like torture. Share your tips and suggestions for overcoming surgery anxiety. What helped you get past your fear of surgery and move on to better health?

surgery fears

I looked up what to expect during and after my Endometrial Cancer surgery next week. I thought knowing what was coming would make it easier. It didn't. Tubes down the nose? A catheter? Vomiting? Staples? I feel sick just thinking about it. I'm very scared.
—Guest NHP

Fear of Fibroid surgery

I am very afraid of surgery and I should have this surgery but I have a lot of fears. How do I overcome this bad feeling and go to the surgery relaxed?
—Guest Aseel Qattawi


Im a 16 yr. Old female; I have Osteochondritis, and am going to have surgery in a week on my right knee, I'm extremely nervous, I really don't wanna do it, I'm really afraid of dying:(
—Guest Britterz95


If you are afraid of surgery just ask a friend or family member to talk to you during your surgery to get your mind off things.
—Guest Rachel

Complication Insurance for surgeries

My mother was preparing for cataract surgery & was nervous about losing her sight. I searched around & found an insurance policy that covered surgical complications. It was cheap & paid a large lump sum if something happened. It gave both of us peace of mind. Ironically, the product was called Complication Insurance. Now, she is getting ready to have the cataract removed from her other eye with no worries.
—Guest Jason

Anxiety,panic,and hestitation to proceed

Weeks or the day I'm informed of the surgery i panic and have hundreds of reasons why i should reschedule. I awake in worse condition than prior to. The nurses see my name and no one wants the case.
—Guest Pamela


I need an angyoplasty which is a reconstructive surgery for deviated nasal septum. I am just writing here so I can overcome my fear of surgery. First time when I was 17 they tried to fix it but instead of fixing the septum they just made my nose look better. I will be strong and I will get my nose fixed so help me god.
—Guest David

knee replacement replacement

I am scheduled to have a lower part of a knee done over again because it has become loose in the bone. I am 86 and not the best candidate for surgery. I am having several blood tests , ecg, chest x=ray to determine my eligibility for the procedure. My blood circulation is not optimum but my blood pressure is under control and I feel pretty well except for my leg below my knee. but I dread it. The orthopedic dr said he would have me kicking a football in 6 weeks and said if the cardiologist did not approve, we would find another cardiologist. That was before he knew of my other problems` Roy

Biggest Concern was Nausea

I experienced severe post-op nausea after a C-section, so when I had to have surgery a few years later, my biggest concern was the nausea. I discussed it w/ my doctor and the anesthesiologist beforehand, and apparently there was some anti-nausea drug they put in the IV that must have been introduced between the time my daughter was born and the surgery abt five yrs later. I had complete faith and confidence in my doctor, so that part I wasn't worried about. When I woke up from the surgery, I was complimenting the post-op nurse on her hairstyle and asking for some iced tea. I was so relieved not to be nauseous! Since then, I've had a couple more minor surgeries and felt at ease going in because I knew they'd be using the same anesthesia "cocktail" that worked before. I also looked forward to the surgeries making me feel better (one for a deviated septum; there's a reason we have two nostrils and the other for fibroids).

Worry? Good Jokes, Instead!

I'm with Kevin. I didn't worry either, but I also have no fear of death and have already faced major life changes due to ill health. Instead, I spent my time in pre-op and post-op having a good time! As I told the staff, they were my captive audience --- I told funny stories and cracked wise and they, being good folk, laughed and grinned back. We had a great time!


I was scared witless the first time I had surgery and when the procedure had to be repeated 6 months later I was desperately upset. A friend introduced me to meditation. I started with just 5 minutes a day and by the time the scheduled surgery was still only sitting for 15 minutes a time, but what a difference it made. I was so calm and didn't even need a pre-med before they took me down!

Overcoming Surgery Anxiety

I'm not an advocate of surgery unless it is a vitally necessary life saving procedure or an extreme cosmetic need. In either case it’s a case of doing what needs to be done in a matter of fact approach. Anxiety helps nothing

What? Me Worry?

I've never feared surgery (dentistry is another matter) but for some reason surgery doesn't scare me. I suspect it's because I think the worst outcome is death. I know it's not, but death doesn't scare me in the least. I've had two surgeries, both fairly significant but both also done endoscopically (they reached below my liver through a hole in my neck). So healing time and post-surgical pain was minimal (although in neither case did I know that beforehand). Nevertheless, "Well, if I die, I die. I have zero control over what happens so why worry?"
—Guest Kevin
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