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Readers Respond: Top Reasons Why You Want to Be a Doctor or a Surgeon?

Responses: 209


Updated September 13, 2010

I want to be a doctor

I feel like being a doctor is so rewarding, not just financially but emotionally. Being able to help someone with your knowledge is just an extraordinary feeling! I haven't decided which type of speciality I want to study.. Maybe dermatology.. or Anesthesiology, but no doubt.. I want to be a doctor, so I can make a difference!
—Guest Ashley

I Need to Be a Doctor

Ever since I was a child, my father always encouraged me to either pursue a career in medicine, or obtain a large amount of knowledge in religion, well I've done the second, now all that's left is the first. I have great marks in school, love science, math, biology, physics, chemistry.I have a genuine interest for learning, even when not at school. I enjoy reading text books and anything else informative on subjects science-related. Well I'm 18 now, and have a better understanding of how everything works, and despite all the intimidating things people say, I will not stop at anything to reach my goal. Plus I love House M.D, this show has really inspired my over time to pursue this goal, and hopefully one day I will reach success.
—Guest House WNNAB.M.D

i want to be a doctor

I really love science (especially biology) and math. I'm already 14 yrs old now .. I don't like to see an old man or woman that is suffering from diseases. and I want to discover a new drug that can help many people especially the poor.
—Guest ms. Monts

Why i want be a paediatrician?

I want to be a paediatrician because I hate to see kids suffer from different kinds of disease. I'm having a good childhood so I want kids to have a good childhood too!!! Like people always quote children are the future, so if there's no children there's no future!! SO I WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE PERSON WHO MAKES SURE THAT HAPPENS!!!
—Guest ashley

reason to become a doctor

I'm only 12 and I dream big. I love science and maths because it's like your discovering something new. So yes, I want to be a doctor ( cancer specialist). It hurts when you see a poor man/woman dying in front of you just because he/she didn't have enough money to go to the doctor and get advice how to deal with her/his disease? I always want to be in my patient's hearts, even after my death, that I was the best doctor they ever met.
—Guest nawshaba

I want to be a doctor.......

First it's a novel profession. Second to serve people. Third to give people proper treatment.
—Guest Mosharef Hossain Sajeeb

my inspiration

My inspiration of becoming a doctor entirely comes from my will to help people. I'm 14 and going to be a freshman soon. A few years ago I was fascinated with cardiology and wanted to become a heart doctor. I got a composition notebook and wrote front to back about the heart. Eventually I started studying pyschology. I think if i study hard in school and put my mind to it it can happen. Whoever wants to become a doctor should just go for it regardless of what people say. If you want to do it, just go for it. You will achieve
—Guest mr smith

Am I cut out?

I'm 15 almost 16. I've never wanted to be a doctor until recently. Science is not one of strong subjects this year. Last year I was getting b's and good marks but this year I kinda gave up. Our class just finished psyics and I well.. failed it. Worst mark in the class. I am alright at maths and at science (biology, chemistry) but not psyics. And I'm not sure they will let me do A level psyics which you need to go to med school. Am I cut out to be a doctor?
—Guest Cam

I want to be an orthopedic surgeon

Good pay and a steady job. There's always going to be jobs ready in the medical field and travel should be minimal. 12-14 years of school is a drawback but I'll make it.
—Guest Josh

No shame no pain

I always thought of begin a business major or a economics major, making a lot of money. You know sitting in a big corporate office looking high and mighty sitting at the front. Then I took a second look at that fantasy. who was I kidding, the only reason why I wanted to be in business is because I thought their was money to gain, and I could show off to people who use to downgrade me. As I looked past those hurt feelings and bad memories. I started realizing that I wasn't doing anything good for the people around me. Only blinding myself with arrogance and stupidity. So I started looking for different careers that allowed me to become a helping hand to the people around me, instead of a stuck up person who would turn their back own my people. Something that gave me a since of accomplishment and thoughtlessness. Something that made me smile when I saW the results I wanted and cry when they weren't. Something that gave me discipline that I need. Then I found it... DOCTOR
—Guest The one who strives

To Help Save the Poor

I would love to be a heart surgeon. This passion developed when one of my classmates died of cardiac complications and there was no surgeon in Cameroon, so they had to take her to Barcelona for the surgery and she died. I will one day be a surgeon and save my people's lives.
—Guest alombah


I'm 15 years old, going on 16, and have contemplated a career as a doctor for more than a few years now. Now to address the question, I want to become a doctor because I feel it will help me to transcend whatever it is humanity is becoming, to become evidence not only to myself and perhaps to others that humanity can still have meaning. To be honest there are so many aspects of society that I have become to hate. The rarity I admire still manages to quench the flame the others spark. If one of these fire bugs were on the operating table and I was the one with the scalpel- I would save them without hesitation, or at least try with every ounce of me till the flatline lullaby plays her farewell. I can't explain why this statement seems so true to me, so I'll explain it with a deterministic approach; it's just part of who I was meant to be (or wanted to be in this moment) since the origin of the universe.
—Guest Denzel

This seems to be a rare response.

I'm interested in the science. There you go. This is the number one reason I'd like to become a doctor - I am fascinated by the techniques science lets us apply in order to save lives or make the last days or years on this earth more bearable. Sure, helping people is great too, and I'm all for being a hero, but my interest in the medical science is the main reason. I hope that's not wrong.
—Guest Kate

Why i want to be a doctor.

I want to be a doctor because sometimes when I see the way some doctors attend to a dying patient, first, they will ask for money before treating the person. When the person is not having the amount they request they will not treat them. It's bad. People die everyday in the hands of doctors,nurses. For instance, I was ill so i went to a nearby hospital to check what was going on in my stomach, I was rolling on the floor but no one could attend to me I had to wait to get a card first while dying. I fell asleep & woke up feeling better so they requested for money. I was so bitter, so i want to be a good & special doctor, best in the whole world to save those who are not capable to afford money for their treatment.
—Guest sunshine

I want to be extraordinary

Ever hear about that person who saved a person's life? Or maybe the the time someone was in a dire medical situation where everyone was calling out "is anyone a doctor?" I want to be the person that answers "I am!" and save that person. Though I know this kind of situation is unlikely, I still want to be extraordinary. I have always been fascinated by all the different diseases and how they affect the body. I have also been intrigued by the complexity of all the different functions and how they come together. Though I know it may be hard, I plan on becoming a neurosurgeon. The job is tough but the human brain is the most fascinating thing about people! it's so complex and it allows us to do so much. It stores all of our memories, our imagination, and so much more. I hope to learn more about it. I also hope to become the best in my field. I have high ambitions so wish me luck!
—Guest Lindsey

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