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Readers Respond: Top Reasons Why You Want to Be a Doctor or a Surgeon?

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Updated September 13, 2010

There are many reasons to become a physician, and each year thousands of people enter medical school, despite the long years of education and the grueling working hours facing them. Share your reasons for considering medicine as a career. Share Your Reasons

A mission

My mission here on earth is to become the first african man to become the world greatest neurosurgeon because i love to be the reason why people smile. I lost my mom when i was 1-2 yrs since then i have an instinct about this until i finally met biology which introduced me to my mission. And i will use the last drop of my blood to accomplish that.
—Guest Dr joseph

what the degree major do i wish to study

I'm interested in being a surgeon/doctor because i'm looking for a challenging career and i wanna serve the community through the implementation of the knowledge that i'll get by studying a neurosurgery . The second reason is that i'm interested in science and the function of the human body .And my last is that i'll be able to save countless lives and struggle between life and death .
—Guest Haya Al-shaer (Palestinian)

"Dr. Alkamel"

Medicine is the career that I had dreamt since I was a child. This job has a lot of advantages in our societies and our cultures. I was always doing my best to take the highest marks during my school years. This dream needs a lot of hard work and patience to reach it. However, there are other reasons that make me decide choosing Medicine as future career. In this paper, you will see how I plan to achieve my dream and why I chose this field as my future career. In order to be a successful doctor, first I have to develop an appropriate plan and stick to it. Second, I have to do whatever I can to help myself come over the difficulties. Then I try to find some ways that can facilitate my study. The important thing is that I try always to enjoy in my study, because when you love something you will excel in it. There are many reasons made me decide to become a doctor in the future. One of these reasons is my passion to help people and save them from many risks and disease.
—Guest a_alkamel

Why do we do it?...Because it's there!!

I want to understand life more intimately, and being a doctor, you understand the human body and mind as well as anybody can. This life I live is so confusing. I want to know more about us. Also, to prevent as much needless suffering as possible.
—Guest Gillian

I Want To Be A Doctor

i want to be a doctor because i want to know deeper in mecine world like a how to faced with the patients,how if you see many blood if you do some surgeon and how you can manage your time if you worked almost 24 hours in the hospital.This way makes me closer to my "creator" and knowed more about his greatness.and the main reason i choose to be a doctor is IT MAKES ME KNOW HOW VALUABLE THE VALUE OF LIFE.
—Guest WajihahZaidi

Why i want to be a Medical Doctor

Becoming a medical doctor is all I ever wished for and pray my wish comes through. I want to be a doctor because I have this urge to save lives. I feel so down and worthless when a human being loses a life and I know quite well that such sickness has a cure. sometimes I feel something isn't right, and m responsible for making it right. and I don't enjoy seeing people die with a curable sickness. I pray God to help me actualize this dream.
—Guest Catherine

i want become adoctor

i want to become a doctor to save human life, to help people in and most important to fulfill the wishes of my parents..
—Guest aanchal


I like to be a doctor because i love working with people, and i like to save other people's lives. Being a doctor is my dream i hope one day my dream will come true.
—Guest Lebogan segooa

Badass With a Scalpel

As a youngster, becoming a doctor seemed like a very broad idea. Growing up many of the kids my age dreamed too of becoming a successful doctor. While this was occuring, I never had my mind set to a specific job title or career. Now, at age 15, am I more than certain that I want to become a Surgeon. I love science and math, and I am very good at it. I knew that I wanted to be a Surgeon when I recognized that I only liked the Physiological parts of Biology, and that I was very good at dissections. As a student, I am very competitve and detail-oriented. Plus, I enjoy treating wounds and watching surgeries (Aortic Aneurysms are my favorite). I am currently applying for volunteer positions at hospitals, and for summer programs that deal with the medical world. This I know will continue being my drive towards becoming a successful Surgeon. (I'll see all of you in Med School.)
—Guest Angelica Campos, (Future) M.D., Ph.D.

I want to become a surgery docter

I want to save many lives as i can so there will be no death.
—Guest Mr.Khoa

Reason that I want to be a doctor

I am just a kid and I am 10 years old .Today I'm just want to share something in my life. You know when I go somewhere I always not feel happy because I always see people that can not see can not walked or run can not hang push and can not pull I am feel like want to help them but I don't how and i am just a kid so I can not do all of thing . I know all of them are difficult also when we sick we very difficult right? Also them too. In the future I want to be a doctor and I don't want many spend from people that poor I help people because I just want to see them have good health smile with their family if I can I can I will build my hospital all around the world so don't have people that difficult anymore . This is the reason I study hard and want to save all people around the world .
—Guest Nera




I want to become a doctor, because i have felt the happiness of getting cured so i want to give that to other people ... And i would love to recieve the trust & sweet smiles!!!
—Guest My heart

Why a doctor?

Since my childhood, I always dreamt of myself becoming a doctor, becoming that person people can lay their trust on. I then developed a character of loving people in an extent that I couldn't stand watching them suffer from physical pains and the only way that which I can invade in playing a role of ebbing this is when I pursue medicine. Also losing my relatives (mother) hammered me to stick with this dream which then became the career I want to pursue. I believe that being a doctor is not only helping patients with physical illnesses,but also emotional pains and that is exactly what I want to do for the remaining days of my life. Making sure that out of my best power, people are happily free from pains. Pondering this has developed a character of a doctor in me(though I have not become one yet), so now I no longer "want" to be a doctor but "know" that I am a doctor.
—Guest Sibongile khala

Being a Doctor

I want be a doctor because I want save lives, help others and play my part in helping the human race progress to new levels in turns of medicinal technologies. I love Biology and Chemistry. It's not always easy, but I I love a challenge. "The ones that fly alone and work hard always have the strongest wings."
—Guest Nave

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Top Reasons Why You Want to Be a Doctor or a Surgeon?

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