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5 Alternatives to Hysterectomy

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A hysterectomy is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in America. The problem is, research shows us that many of those surgeries are unnecessary. Find out 5 alternatives you can consider before you say yes to surgery.

Surgery Spotlight10

What is Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Information on breast reconstruction including the different breast reconstruction procedures, the reasons for each surgery and recovering after breast reconstruction surgery.

What Not to Do After Surgery

Having surgery? Here are 10 tips for what to avoid during your recovery to reduce pain, improve healing and minimize recovery time.

Cellulitis Infection After Surgery

Find out what cellulitis is, the signs and symptoms of cellulitis and how it is treated.

Common Tests Before and After Surgery

Learn about the most common tests associated with surgery, ranging from blood tests to CT scans and X-rays. Find out what tests results mean and why they are important before and after surgery.

Top Surgery: Female to Male Gender Reassignment Surgery

Top surgery is an important part of gender reassignment surgery. Learn about top surgery techniques, ways to pay and how it differs from the standard mastectomy.

What Exactly Is Top Surgery?

Top surgery, also known as a bilateral mastectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to masculinize the chest. Was that as clear as mud? Ok, let me try again.

Malnutrition After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Malnutrition after weight loss surgery can be easily prevented in most cases. Learn risk factors, prevention, treatment, signs and symptoms.

Malnutrition After Weight Loss Surgery

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is absolutely true of weight loss surgery patients and malnutrition. It is easy to

Bariatric Surgery and New Addictions-Cross Addiction

Bariatric weight loss surgery isn't the easy way to anything.  It isn't the easy way to lose weight, and it isn't the easy way to happiness. Weight loss is hard

Man Amputates Own Feet After Frostbite

A Chinese man amputated his own feet after frostbite led to severe injuries and he could not afford to pay for surgery. According to Fox news, the man used

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