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Jennifer Heisler, RN

Jennifer Heisler, RN

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Jennifer Heisler, RN, is a registered nurse who has worked in the areas of surgery, transplantation and home health care. She is the author of The Everything Post Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook, which is half weight loss surgery guide and half cookbook.


As a member of a hospital surgical intensive care unit (ICU), Jennifer helped critically ill patients prepare for and recover from surgery. She educated family members and loved ones about the intricacies of patients' conditions and care, putting what she calls "surgeon speak" into easier to understand terms. During her time as an ICU team member, Jennifer also provided nursing care in in-home settings.

Today, Jennifer is an ICU organ procurement coordinator. She manages critical organ donors prior to surgery, monitoring ventilator settings, medications and fluids. Jennifer also identifies organ donation recipients who are on waiting lists and provides support and information to family members whose loved ones are about to donate organs. She works in both ICU and operating room settings.


Jennifer earned an associate degree in nursing from Central Ohio Technical College.

By Jennifer Heisler, RN:

My experience as a nurse has taught me one very important lesson -- knowing as much as you possibly can before having surgery is the only way to make the right decisions for your health and well-being. The decision to have surgery is a big one, and I hope you will use the information I've provided here to take great care of yourself.

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