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After Surgery: Recovering After Surgery


After surgery there are still potential problems that you may face during your recovery. Find out what you can expect after surgery, including how to deal with your incision after surgery, preventing infections and find answers to common questions that arise after surgery. Find out if what you are expecting is normal after surgery and when you need to call your surgeon.
  1. Potential Complications
  2. Common Questions After Surgery
  3. Your Incision

Potential Complications

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Your surgery may be a textbook example of a great surgery, but being able to identify potential complications during your recovery -- and knowing what to do about them -- is important.

Common Questions After Surgery

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Your surgery is over, but the coming days and months may be puzzling ones. Here, answers to common questions that arise during a normal recovery from surgery.

Your Incision

Bandage After Pediatric Surgery

Caring for your incision shouldn't be difficult, but it does take some time and diligence. Learn how to care for your incision, what to look for and find out when to call your surgeon with concerns.

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