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Before You Have Surgery-Preparing for Surgery

How to find a surgeon is just the beginning, find out what you need to know before you have surgery, including if you need surgery, how to find a great surgeon, what to do before surgery, how to pack for surgery and how to pay for surgery.

Understanding Common Blood Tests And What They Mean
Learn more about common blood tests, including why they are done and what the results may mean.

10 Things To Tell Your Anesthesia Provider
Before having anesthesia, there are things you need to tell your anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist.

20 Tips to Help You Prepare For Surgery
Learn 20 ways to be as prepared for surgery as you possibly can.

Anesthesia Awareness
Are you concerned about anesthesia awareness, or waking up during surgery? Find out what anesthesia awareness is, how to prevent it and what to do if you experience it.

Are You a Candidate For Weight-Loss Surgery?
Weight-loss surgery isn't for everyone. Qualifying for weight-loss surgery is a process. With the help of your physician, you must prove that you are eligible for the surgery.

Atherosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis and Heart surgery
Arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis are not the same thing. Learn the differences between atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis and why they may make heart surgery necessary.

Before Surgery: Things to Do
Once you have scheduled a surgery, there is a lot to get in order. Learn more about how to be well prepared for your surgery.

Before You Get Surgery: Things to Know
Before you schedule a surgery, there are many things to consider. Find out if surgery is right for you and how to prepare for the best possible outcome should you opt for a procedure.

Blood Chemistry Tests-What is a Chem 7?
Learn more about one of the most common blood tests, the blood chemistry, or Chem7. Find out what is being tested for and what the results mean.

Blood Flow Through The Heart
Wondering how blood travels through the heart? Learn about how the heart pumps blood, and how it travels through the heart and body, tracing a drop of blood through the heart.

Diabetes and Surgery - How to Improve Your Chance of a Great Outcome
Diabetics have a higher risk of complications when they have surgery. Learn how to decrease the risk of diabetic complications, how to prepare for surgery as a diabetic. Preparing for surgery is important for diabetics and needs to include nutritional support and glycemic control. Should you take your insulin before surgery?

Do You Need a Tonsillectomy or Adenoidectomy
When is a tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy necessary? Is tonsillitis severe enough that surgery should be done? when should the adenoids be removed along with the tonsils during surgery?

Do You Really Need Surgery?
Before you make up your mind to have surgery, take the time to explore your options. You may be able to postpone surgery or completely avoid it.

End Stage Kidney Failure & The Need For Kidney Transplant Surgery
There are many causes of chronic kidney failure, including diabetes, high blood pressure and polycystic kidney disease. Find out who is most likely to need dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Finding Your Ideal Surgeon
Finding a surgeon isn't difficult, but it requires more effort than opening the phone book. All surgeons are not created equal. Learn how to find the best surgeon for you.

Heart Murmur Explained
Heart murmurs are very common. Learn the different types of heart murmurs and what a heart murmur means.

Heart Valve Diseases
Heart valve diseases explained in easy to understand language. Learn about heart valve diseases and the damage they do the heart.

Heart Valve Replacements
Considering heart valve replacement? Learn the differences between heart valves and how to choose a replacement heart valve.

Heart Valves: Where They Are and What They Do
There are four valves in the human heart. Find out how the heart valves function, their location and more.

How Long Should I Wait Between Surgeries?
How long should you wait between surgeries? Find out how long you should wait before having another surgical procedure.

How to Donate an Organ to a Friend or Family Member
Donating an organ to a friend or relative is a complicated process. Learn how to be considered a potential living organ donor.

How To Get a Second Opinion
Before you have surgery, you should consider obtaining a second opinion. Second opinions can be very valuable, especially if you are looking for alternatives to surgery or are not sure about surgery. Learn how to find a second opinion.

How to Get on the Waiting List For an Organ Transplant
Being placed on the organ transplant waiting list is the first step to receiving a new organ. Learn what is required to be listed for a new organ on the organ transplant waiting list.

How To Pack For The Hospital
Find out what you should pack for the hospital to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Whether you are having surgery or a baby, packing well can make a huge difference in your recovery.

How to Pay For an Organ Transplant Surgery
Paying for organ transplants can be extremely expensive. Learn about the various ways to fund an organ transplant.

How to Pay For Surgery Costs That Insurance Won't Pay
Learn how to pay for surgery if your insurance company won't, or if you do not have insurance. Even if your insurance won't pay you can still have surgery.

Hysterectomy Interview With Judy - Adenomyosis and Bleeding
Learn more about hysterectomy for adenomyosis and bleeding from a real surgery patient. Find out what to expect from hysterectomy surgery.

Hysterectomy Interview With Lesa - Pain With Periods & Sex
If you are a young woman considering having hysterectomy surgery, you are not the only one. Find out what you can expect from another young woman who had the surgery in this interview.

Hysterectomy Interview With Meagan - Hysterectomy For Endometriosis
Learn more about hysterectomy surgery for endometriosis by reading this interview with a woman who had a hysterectomy for that reason.

Hysterectomy Interview With Sherri - Hysterectomy For Bleeding, Cramps Anemia
Learn more about hysterectomy surgery for bleeding and cramps from someone who has been there. This interview sheds light on what you can expect from a hysterectomy.

Hysterectomy Interview With Supermodel Beverly Johnson
Beverly Johnson talks about her experience with uterine fibroids, hysterectomy, menopause and her role in the Ask 4 Tell 4 campaign.

Hysterectomy Surgery – What Women Say About Hysterectomy
Find out what you can expect after a hysterectomy. Learn what real women say about their experience with life after hysterectomy

Interview With Cynthia - Hysterectomy For Cervical Cancer
Find out about hysterectomy for cancer from a patient who has experienced it. Learn from one patient's experience with cervical cancer when you read her story.

Interview With Elise - Hysterectomy For Severe Bleeding
Learn more about what you can expect after a hysterectomy for bleeding by reading this interview with a hysterectomy patient.

Interview With Sherry - Hystectomy For Constant Bleeding and Anemia
For some patients, bleeding can be so severe that anemia is present and a hysterectomy is necessary. Find out more about hysterectomy and what to expect from a real patient.

What Are The Risks of Plastic Surgery
Before you have cosmetic surgery, take the time to learn about the potential risks as well as the rewards. Knowing about the risks before you have plastic surgery can help you during your recovery.

Interview With Stephanie - Hysterectomy For Uterine Thickening Possible Cancer
If you are considering having a hysterectomy, find out what women who have been through a hysterectomy procedure have to say about the experience.

Interview With Trisha - Hysterectomy For Ovarian Mass
Find out what to expect from a hysterectomy from women who have actually had a hysterectomy. Find out what a hysterectomy and the recovery are really like.

Liver Function (Liver Enzyme)Tests and Results
Learn what the results from your liver blood tests mean, what normal liver enzyme levels are and what can change your results.

Preparing Before Surgery
Preparing for surgery can be challenging. What did you do to prepare for your surgery? Did you make lists and plans, or did you just hope for the best?

Questions to Ask Before Having Anesthesia
Anesthesia is an important part of surgery, know what questions to ask your anesthesia provider before your surgery starts. Understanding your risks when having anesthesia is an important part of the decision to have surgery.

Questions To Ask Your Surgeon Before a Hysterectomy
If you are considering having a hysterectomy, you will find this list of questions to ask your surgeon very helpful. Ask better hysterectomy questions and have a better surgery outcome.

Risks and Complications of Heart Surgery
The risks and complications of heart surgery are explained in detail. Understand the potential complications of having open heart surgery in this article.

Surgery Questions You Should Ask
Before you have surgery there are questions you should ask. Find out what surgery questions you should ask your surgeon.

Tests Before Surgery
Tests are very common before surgery. Find out what tests you can expect to have before your procedure, what the results mean and why the test is being performed.

The Costs of Surgery
Why is surgery so expensive and what makes it cost so much? Find out why surgery is so expensive and what contributes to the high cost of surgical procedures.

The Right to Refuse Surgery-Understanding Patient's Rights
The right to say no to surgery is part of the Patient's Bill of Rights. Learn more about your right to say no to treatment.

The Risks of Hysterectomy Surgery
If you are considering hysterectomy surgery, find out the risks of the procedure here.

Understanding The Risks Involved When Having Surgery
Before undergoing surgery, every patient should understand the risks involved. No surgery is risk-free, but understanding the potential problems will help guide patients to an informed decision.

Understanding the Risks of Weight Loss Surgery
Understanding the risks of weight loss surgery is key to making the right decision for your health. Here is an article listing the major risks of weight loss surgery.

Vecuronium In Detail
What is Vecuronium and why is it given during surgery? Find out what Vecuronium is, how it works, how it is given and more about Vecuronium.

Versed (Midazolam)
Curious about Versed? Find out why Versed is used, what Versed does, the side effects and warnings associated with Versed here.

What Do Your PT, PTT and INR results mean?
Find out what PT, PTT and INR blood tests are, what the results mean and what could you could be eating and doing to change the test results of these common pre-surgery blood tests.

What is a CBC Complete Blood Count Test?
Learn what a CBC blood test is and what the results mean, along with other common blood tests.

Who Is Doing Your Surgery
Who will be performing your surgery? You may think it will be your surgeon doing your surgery, but in reality, someone else could be doing the majority of your surgery. Find out who is doing your surgery before the procedure.

Why Can't I Eat or Drink Before My Surgery?
Find out why you can't eat before you have surgery. No eating or drinking before surgery is a common instruction, find out what to eat before surgery and when you need to quit eating to be ready for your procedure.

Your Surgeon Needs to Know
When planning a surgery, it is essential that you give your surgeon all of the information needed to make your surgery as safe as possible. Here, 10 things you absolutely must discuss.

What Is Bloodless Surgery?
Do you have questions about bloodless surgery? Find out what bloodless surgery is, why bloodless surgery is done and who should consider bloodless surgery.

What Is a Surgery Fellowship? What Is a Fellow?
What is a surgery fellowship? What is a surgery fellow? Are you receiving care from a surgery fellow and wonder what exactly a surgical fellow is? Are you considering medical school and curious about a surgery fellowship? Find out about surgery fellowships and surgery fellows!

Blood Donation - Blood Donation Story
Have you participated in blood donation? Are you interested in donating blood? Share your experience with blood donation!

Bowel Prep: What You Need To Know
Find out everything you need to know about bowel prep for surgery or a colonoscopy. Find out why bowel prep is necessary, how to do your bowel prep, risks and side effects.

MD or DO - Choosing an MD or DO
Is your physician an M.D. or a D.O.? Share your experience with your MD or DO here.

The Risks of NOTES Surgery
What are the risks of NOTES Surgery? Are you concerned about the surgical risks and potential complications of NOTES surgery? Find out the potential risks and complications associated with NOTES surgical procedures.

Do You Qualify For NOTES Surgery?
Do you qualify for NOTES surgery? Find out what NOTES surgery is, if you qualify for NOTES surgery and who is not a candidate for surgery using the NOTES endoscopic approach.

Common Causes of Hemorrhoids
What are the causes of hemorrhoids and how can you prevent a hemorrhoid from forming? Find out what you can do to prevent hemorrhoids from forming, or from reoccurring.

Transfusions of Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBCs)
What is a packed red blood cell? What does PRBC mean and why would you be given a transfusion of packed red blood cells?

What Do Your Urinalysis Results Mean?
What is a normal urinalysis result? Why is your urine being examined anyway? Find out what your urinalysis results mean and how they help your doctor care for your health.

6 Tips For Making a Blood Draw Easier
Do you have trouble having your blood drawn? Find out how to make the process easier!

Why do I have to remove my jewelry and piercings before surgery?
Why is important to remove jewelry and piercings before surgery?

What is a CT Scan?
Are you having a CT scan? Find out what you can expect before, during and after a cat scan.

What Is a PET Scan
Learn what you can expect during a PET scan, the risks associated with PET scans and how you can prepare for your scan.

Urinary Catheters Explained
If you need a urinary catheter, you may have questions about how it will be inserted, how long the catheter will stay in place and how to care for your urinary catheter. Find out more about catheters here.

Reasons For a C-Section
There are many reasons for a cesarean section delivery. Find out why a C-section may be necessary.

10 Tips For Having a Great Surgery
These tips for preparing for surgery will help you be the healthiest possible surgery patient, which will also improve your recovery!

Understanding the Barium Enema
If your doctor has recommended that you have a barium enema, you may be wondering how the procedure will be done, why it is necessary and how you can prepare for the procedure.

Common Tests Before and After Surgery
Find out what tests are common before and after surgery, how and why they are done, and what the results mean.

Worrying About Surgery
It is normal to feel anxious before surgery. Find out when surgery worries are normal and when something else might be going on.

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