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How To Pack For The Hospital

What to Pack For a Comfortable Hospital Stay


Updated April 16, 2014

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scalpel image

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Packing For Your Hospital Stay

When you are planning a stay in the hospital, whether it is for inpatient surgery, childbirth or another reason, it is important to be prepared. A well-packed bag is essential for having a comfortable stay in the hospital.

What to Pack For the Hospital

  • Comfortable pajamas (loose fitting is best)

  • Socks and slippers

  • Glasses (contact wearers are usually more comfortable with glasses during a hospitalization, contacts can become dry if the patient is dehydrated or dozing)

  • Outfit to wear home (something loose is best, also make sure it won’t rub on your incision)

  • Underwear

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, deoderant

  • Hairbrush

  • Shampoo, soap (if you prefer to not use what is provided by the hospital)

  • Your pillow (if you don’t sleep well with a pillow other than your own)

  • A list of your current medications

  • Your cell phone and a charger (some hospitals still charge for phone calls)

  • Entertainment such as books, music, Ipod, portable DVD player, magazines

Additional Items to Pack If You Are Having a Baby

  • Camera

  • Batteries

  • Baby’s going home outfit

  • Maxi pads

  • Nursing Bra-If you will be nursing

  • Breast pads

  • Baby bag

  • Car seat, hospitals will not permit a newborn to be taken home without an appropriate car seat


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