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Diabetes and Surgery - How to Improve Your Chance of a Great Outcome


Updated June 10, 2014

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How to Improve Your Surgery Results as a Diabetic

What Diabetics Can Do to Be a Better Surgical Candidate

The better your control of your diabetes, the better your chances of an excellent surgical outcome. Keeping your blood glucose within the parameters your doctor recommends is key. Top-notch nutrition, including high quality protein, is also essential. Protein is an important component in the healing process and can help contribute to faster wound healing, stronger tissue at the surgical site and an increased ability to withstand the rigors of surgery.

If you aren’t already exercising but you are able, you may want to start an exercise program after checking with your doctor. Making your body stronger is going to help you better tolerate your surgery and recovery.

Try not to get overly stressed about your surgery. If you are feeling anxious about your surgery, Coping With Surgical Fear and Anxiety may help. It is important to keep stress to a minimum because both physical stress (the surgery) and emotional stress (worrying, anxiety) can work against you by elevating your blood glucose levels.

If you drink or smoke, this is the time to stop. Eliminating alcohol will help you better control your blood glucose and Quitting Smoking will help you return to breathing without oxygen or a ventilator faster.

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