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Before Your Surgery


Before surgery is it important to do a little homework. Preparation can go a long way in making sure that you are ready for your surgery, both mentally and physically, and that you have the best surgeon on the case.
  1. Your Surgeon
  2. The Costs of Surgery
  3. Preparing For Your Surgery
  4. Special Considerations

Your Surgeon

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Choosing a surgeon who is both talented and understands your surgical needs and concerns is the most important thing you can do to protect your health during surgery.

The Costs of Surgery

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If it isn't stressful enough to have surgery, you also have to pay for it. Learn how to pay for surgical procedures and find out why surgery is so expensive.

Preparing For Your Surgery

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Feeling nervous going into a surgery is normal. But what you do before that moment comes can also help you feel that you've made an informed decision and are as ready as you could be for the procedure. Advanced preparation can also help you ensure that you've taken the steps within your control to make the surgery as safe as it can be.

Special Considerations

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No two patients are alike, and no two surgeries are alike, either. Your age, other health conditions and more can all impact the surgical options available to you and their potential outcomes.

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