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Necrosis Definition


Updated May 13, 2014

Definition: Necrosis in the death of tissues of the body. Necrosis can not be treated, the tissue may be removed, but it can not be returned to good health.

Necrosis is caused by a lack of blood and oxygen to the tissue. It may be triggered by chemicals, cold, trauma, radiation or chronic conditions that impair blood flow.

One common type of necrosis is gangrene, which is often caused by damage from cold.

There are many types of necrosis, as it can affect many areas of the body, including bone, skin, organs and other tissues.

Pronunciation: nuh-crow-sis
Also Known As: gangrene, necrotic,
Common Misspellings: necroses, nicrosis, nacrosis, nacroses, nucrosis, nucroses, nacrotic,
After being stuck outside in a snowstorm, the hiker's feet were so cold for so long that his toes became necrotic.
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