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The Definition of Sepsis


Updated June 25, 2014

Definition: Sepsis is an infection of the blood stream. It is more severe than most infections, which are localized, meaning they are in one place. Sepsis is in the blood, traveling throughout the entire body.

Sepsis can develop into a life-threatening illness, and must be treated aggressively with antibiotic therapy. Sepsis, when severe, can cause low blood pressure, alter the mental status of a patient, cause chills, and a general feeling of poor health. Septic shock, the name for sepsis when it progresses to the life-threatening stage, is treated with medication to increase blood pressure and high doses of antibiotics.

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Pronunciation: sep-sis
Also Known As: septic, septic shock, septicemia, blood poisoning
Common Misspellings: sepcis,
After surgery she developed sepsis and received several antibiotics to prevent the condition from turning into septic shock.
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