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The Emotional Aspects of Surgery: Coping Before & After Your Procedure

What to expect emotionally when having surgery. Find out what is normal and what is not when coping with surgical anxiety, fear and stress. Learn how to deal with the emotional part of surgery.

Visiting a Sick Friend Spending the Holiday in the Hospital
If you or a loved one will be in the hospital for the holidays, it doesn't mean that you can't celebrate. Find out how to have the best possible holiday even when the hospital is involved.

Visiting the Hospital: What To Do
Find out how you can be a good visitor when your loved one is in the hospital. Learn what you need to know about visiting the hospital and what not to do.

Woman To Woman: After Your Hysterectomy
How did you feel after your hysterectomy? Did you feel the same as always, or better? Did having a hysterectomy change your sex life?See submissions

Coping & Transplantation-Life After Surgery
Receiving an organ transplant is a gift, but going on to live a happy and healthy life can take work. Learn how to cope with life after a transplant.

Coping After Your Joint Replacement Surgery
Learn what to expect when your joint replacement surgery is over and head home to recover from About.com Guide to Orthopedics Jonathan Cluett, MD.

Depression and Surgery
Identifying the signs and symptoms of depression can lead to faster treatment. A diagnosis of a serious injury or surgery can trigger an episode of depression. Find out the signs of depression here.

Returning to Exercise After Abdominal Surgery
Getting back to exercise after abdominal surgery should be done slowly and carefully, but it absolutely must be done. Get advice on the best approach from About.com Guide to IBD Amber J. Tresca.

Surgery Anxiety - Coping With Surgery Anxiety
Coping with surgery anxiety effectively is essential to having a successful surgical outcome. Share tips and strategies for coping with a fear of surgery that helped make surgery possible.

Understanding and Dealing With a Fear of Surgery
Surgery can be very scary. For some, it can cause full-blown panic attacks. Learn more about surgical anxiety and how to deal with it.

Women's Health and Sex After Surgery
After having gynecological surgery, returning to a healthy sex life isn't always quick or easy. Find out more here.

Organ Donor - Organ Donor Stories
Are you an organ donor? Share your decision to be an organ donor. What made you decide to donate? Why did you say yes to be an organ donor in the event of your death? Did you make the decision that a loved one would become a donor? Share your decision here.

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