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More Top Ten Plastic Surgeries


Updated February 14, 2009

Most popular plastic surgeries

Rhinoplasty-Before & After

Image: ADAM

#6 Rhinoplasty

A nose job, or rhinoplasty, reshapes the nose, bringing it into balance with the rest of the face. The surgeon may reduce the overall size of the nose or refine areas of the nose for a more pleasing appearance. In some cases where breathing is can be improved through surgery, as in the case of a deviated septum, insurance will pay for some or all of the surgery.

Bruising can be obvious after surgery, but should fade over the next ten days, when most patients return to work.

#7 Rhytidectomy

A rhytidectomy, or facelift, is a surgical solution to the wrinkles and sagging that accompany aging. A facelift tightens the skin of the face to give a more youthful appearance by gently pulling skin tighter, smoothing deep lines and minimizing sagging.

A facelift is frequently combined with another procedure, forehead lift, eyelid shaping or skin peels, to enhance the youthful appearance of the patient.

Swelling, redness and bruising are normal after surgery but most patients can return to work within two weeks. Healing is complete and the final results are often apparent within twelve weeks.

#8 Breast Lift

A treatment for sagging or poorly shaped breasts, a breast lift repositions the breast for a perkier appearance. A typical patient will have this procedure after significant weight loss or pregnancy leaves the breasts looking deflated.

Some women opt to have a lift and an implant procedure if the breasts are notably smaller than before weight loss or pregnancy.

Most women are able to return to work within two weeks and resume full physical activity within a month.

#9 Forehead Lift

Similar to a facelift, a forehead lift pulls the skin of the forehead tighter to remove wrinkles and smooth creases. The eyebrows are also elevated for a more alert and youthful appearance.

Patients with deep furrows between the eyebrows also benefit from a forehead lift as the lines are minimized as the eyebrows are raised.

Most patients are able to resume normal activity within ten days of surgery, but recovery can be significantly longer if combined with other facial surgeries.

#10 Gynecomastia Treatment

Surgery to reduce excessive amounts of male breast tissue, a condition known as gynecomastia, is performed over twenty thousand times per year. The surgery is a permanent treatment for most men, as long as the increased amount of tissue is due to the person’s genetics.

Some men experience growth of their breasts after using steroids or marijuana habitually. For these men, breast size will increase if the use of the drug that caused the growth continues. It is essential that men who know that drugs are the cause of their gynecomastia stop using the drug prior to the surgery or the outcome may not be ideal.

Men with very large breasts may require a longer surgery with an additional procedure to decrease excess skin; otherwise sagging skin may be noticeable.

Surgeons typically make an incision around the nipple line so that the scar is not noticeable to the casual observer, allowing patients to go shirtless after recovery.

Most men are able to return to work within a week and are able to return to normal activity within weeks.


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