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Breast Cancer Surgery and Stages


Updated February 12, 2011

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Stage 0 (Stage Zero) Breast Cancer and Surgery

Stage zero is the term used for breast cancer that is non-invasive, meaning that the cancer is restricted to certain structures within the breast tissue and has not invaded surrounding healthy tissue.

This stage of breast cancer is often referred to as “pre-cancer” or “tumor in situ” because the cancerous cells have not invaded additional structures. Despite the “pre-cancer” label, stage zero is serious and must be treated before the condition becomes worse.

Two Types of Stage 0 Breast Cancer:

Stage 0 Breast Cancer and Surgery

Surgery is the treatment of choice for stage 0 breast cancer. It can treated with a lumpectomy, sometimes followed by radiation or chemotherapy alone. A mastectomy is an option for patients who want to be aggressive in their treatment of the cancer or women who have a significant family history of breast cancer.

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