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Questions About Surgery? Answers to Common Surgery Questions

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Does Penis Size Change After Prostate Surgery?
Does penis size really change after prostate surgery? It is true that prostate surgery can mean a smaller penis? Find out the truth about penis size after prostate surgery.

Can I Have Surgery if I Have High Blood Pressure?
High blood pressure shouldn't stop you from having surgery, especially if the surgery is a treatment for high blood pressure. Learn more from About.com Guide to High Blood Pressure Craig Weber, MD.

Does Surgery Put Me at Risk For Death?
All surgery carries risk, which is why deciding to get a procedure should never be taken lightly.

How to Become a Doctor or a Surgeon
Becoming a doctor or surgeon is a long and challenging process. Learn how to become a doctor or surgeon starting in high school or college. Learn how many years it takes to become a surgeon and what happens during each stage of training including bachelor's degree, medical school, residency and fellowships.

Q&A - What to Do About Pus from an Incision After Surgery
Pus coming from a wound or a surgical incision can be a serious problem. Find out what to do if you notice pus coming from your incision after surgery.

Q&A Preventing an Infection After Surgery
How to prevent infections after your surgery. Learn how to avoid an infection during recovery from surgery.

Q&A: Diarrhea After Gallbladder Surgery
Diarrhea after gallbladder surgery can be a serious problem. Find out why this common side effect happens and what to do about diarrhea after gallbladder surgery.

Question and Answer--Do I Need a Pap Smear After a Hysterectomy?
Do I need a Pap smear after a hysterectomy? Who should have a pap smear? Do lesbians need Pap smears? When is the best time to have a pap smear?

Question and Answer: Hypertension Causes
Learn about the causes of primary hypertension, secondary hypertension and white coat hypertension. Find out why hypertension can happen after surgery when your blood pressure was normal before the surgical procedure.

Questions: Why Does My Throat Hurt After Surgery?
Why does my throat hurt after surgery? What should I do about a sore throat after surgery? When should my throat feel better after surgery? Learn why general anesthesia and intubation during surgery can cause throat pain and what to do about it.

Scabs and Surgery
Find out what a skin scab is made of and what to do if you have a scab. Surgery incisions have scabs, find out how to treat the scab on your skin incision.

Taking a Bath After Surgery
Find out when it is safe to take a bath after your surgery without putting your incision at risk.

What Is Diprivan?
Diprivan Explained. What is Diprivan? Why is Diprivan Used? Should I be concerned if I'm receiving Diprivan during surgery? Find out more about Diprivan.

What is the Difference Between a DO Physician and an MD?
What are the differences between MD doctors and DO doctors and how do they affect the patient? Find out how these two types of doctors differ, how their training differs and what it means for you.

What To Do If You Can't Urinate After Surgery?
The inability to urinate after surgery is a serious complication. Find out what to do if you can't pee after surgery, the treatment when you can't urinate. The causes of an inability to pee or urinate after surgery, called urinary retention, are explained.

Why do you want to be a doctor or surgeon? Share your reasons for wan…
Share your reasons for wanting to become a doctor or surgeon

What Is a Universal Donor?
Find out what a universal donor is, what blood type is a universal donor and more.

What is a Universal Recipient?
What is a universal recipient? Find out what blood type is a universal recipient and how it works.

What Is the Difference Between LASIK and Lasix?
LASIK or Lasix? What's the difference between Lasix and LASIK? Find out more here.

Find out more about the many types of cataracts.

What is a Foley Catheter?
Find out why a Foley Catheter is used and what you can expect if you have a Foley Catheter.

What is HIPAA?
Are you wondering about HIPAA? Find out what HIPAA is and how it affects you.

Understanding the Different Types of Physicians
Understanding the different types of doctors including medical students, interns, residents, fellows and attendings.

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