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Advances in Surgery

Surgery is constantly changing. Research is making surgery safer, and new procedures are more effective and offer quicker recovery times. Find out more about what these discoveries mean and how they may change what is happening in the world of surgery.

A History of Surgery Timeline
What was the first surgery? When was the first organ transplant performed? Find out about the history of surgery from this timeline of surgical history.

What Is NOTES Surgery?
What is NOTES natural orifice surgery? Find out what NOTES surgery is, what NOTES stands for, how a NOTES natural orifice procedure is done and what you need to know before you have NOTES surgery. You may also want to know why NOTES procedures are considered scarless surgeries, if you are worried about scarring.

New Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery
Hip replacements are becoming more common, and About.com Guide to Orthopedics Jonathan Cluett, MD has advances to report.

New News About the Heparin Recall
Learn more about the recall of Heparin, a drug commonly used after surgery to prevent blood clots, from About.com Guide to High Blood Pressure Craig Weber, MD.

News For Pediatric Heart Surgery Patients
A new study shows that a drug normally used for the treatment of gout in adults helps prevent heart and brain damage when given to children after heart surgery (from About.com Guide to Rare Diseases Mary Kugler, RN).

Question and Answer: Do Redheads Really Have More Pain?
Find out the truth about natural redheads and their pain needs. Find out if red hair really does mean more pain medication is necessary.

Robotic Heart Surgery Report
Learn about advances in heart surgery that utilize robots from About.com Guide to Heart Disease Richard N. Fogoros, MD.

Study Shows More Heart Surgery Should Be Done
A new study shows that more people should be having heart surgery than are actually having it (from About.com Guide to Heart Disease Richard N. Fogoros, MD).

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