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Readers Respond: Did You Experience Complications After Your Surgery?

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Updated September 13, 2010

da Vinci complications

Da Vinci hysterectomy. Complications. Had Sciatica after surgery. Cysts on right ovary, was told ovary did not need to be removed after all. ¿ cyst have since grown...still causing pain.
—Guest NjW

Thyroglossal Duct cyst

I had a thyroid cyst removed, although I am 1 week post op, I read that a sistrunk procedure would.be.simple and some people will be good to go after a day or two, im my case however I still feel weird, inflammation on throat, weird sleep apnea and worst, is a bit of pain and sizziness.feeling. I.hope.I.get better soon and get to.feel normal.again. =) love your life and never give up.
—Guest Rosa

Knee Replacement

I coded after surgery and it caused adrenal insufficient. I lost 40 lbs, heart thumping, hands tremor, vertigo and developed pneumonia the week of surgery. My knees are doing fine after 3 weeks of rehab and 6 hours of PT and OT eacj day. I had surgery on July 3, 2012 and Oct. 30, 2012.
—Guest LaNell Wis

Unilateral oophorectomy...

Left ovarie, two teratomas and 20 cm fibroid were removed from my uterus. Complications per sé, no. Thankfully!! But I needed a Ureteric Stent (Double J Catheter that goes from my kidney to my bladded) prior surgery, just in case. It was awful. A-W-F-U-L... Horrible. Everytime I peed I felt like fainting. It's like getting whipped down there... A burning sensation that made me so afraid of drinking water (and so peeing) that I'd rather just swallow pills with saliva. Thankfully when I had the operation they decided to put me a catheter so I won't pee myself because of the epidural. IT WAS THE BEST FEELING EVER... Not having that burning sensation everytime I peed felt like heave. Now, I gotta be careful not getting herniated. I'm still recovering from surgery.
—Guest Malola

Hysterectomy complication

I suffer daily migraine ,kidney problems , fatigue. Anxiety. Difficulty controlling my body temperatures my life is now miserable please don't take your ovaries try to save them because you life is not the same
—Guest Joan


I had a surgery to take out two gallstones, two days after my surgery, my son kicked me in the area where they took out the gallbladder. I winced in pain for a long time waking up my daughter, still trying to figure out what to do.........

Hernia bulge after surgery

why do i have a hot dog bulge were i was operated on? is this normal my other operation for the same thing i was flat and normal looking
—Guest Bob


I having gastric bypass at 260 lbs and if all goes well I need a knee replacement. things we have to do in life to help pain. anybody have the same. thanks let me know
—Guest Candace Kane

after knee surgery

after knee surgery there was a hole on the back of my left heel. that hole was more painful then the entire surgery. Why?
—Guest navy ron

2010 cervical cancer

Had hysterectomiy and pelvic lypno removed now. Left ovaries and I've went down since now cysts on ovaries and and on lower left on stomach pelvic and had a CT scan showed 2 enlarge lypno. I've went down since I found out cancer in 2010 I ask Dr to take ovaries out didn't want me go go threw change. Hot knots on my neck.
—Guest Alice

After mastectomy and reconstruction

No one told me how bruised I would be after this procedure. The nurses said I looked like I'd been hit by a bus. My torso swelled and I was blue and yellow from breast to thigh. Three weeks later I bled out through my scar as I had a haematoma. Then again a week later. Breast surgeon decided to use steristrips and bind me up. He ignored a fellow surgeon's suggestion to scan and drain the area. Three weeks later I oozed from my scar and my Plastic Surgeon removing it found a hole in my wound 1.5cm by 2.cm. He may have to remove the implant if it does not heal. Thrice weekly dressinbgs are actually starting to look li9ke they have an effect but that is now after nearly nine weeks since surgery. My life has been taken over by hospitals. I wish the breast surgeon had listened to his colleague. Thank goodness the PS seems very competentI wish I had been more forceful with the breast surgeon and challenged him on the scan and drainage.
—Guest ET

Not just a hysterectomy

I had a hysterectomy. Two weeks later an emergency bowel resection followed by an ecoli infection that required a drain inserted in my lower back that stayed there for 5 weeks. Better now but not out of pain.
—Guest Girlstillhere

gastric bypass complications

I had a gastric bypass to improve my health. I expected to be in hospital 3 days...but...I was bleeding internally so my surgeon went back in laproscopically to have a look. He cleaned out clots and put in a drain. For two days the drain has been filling and my hemoglobin is still down. Today he gave me two more units of blood and said that based on the drain contents he might have to go in and have another look. Hoping for the best.
—Guest ralphpeters

urination difficulties at times

I had an emergency apendectomy and partial removal of a foot or so of the end of my small intestine and ascending colon losing in the process, my ileocecal valve. From time to time, I awaken in the morning with great difficulty in urination. Usually, I have no problem with urination with a good full stream even though I have a slightly enlarged prostate and am 73. It seems as though when this happens and I decide to sleep on my back for a while, the problem relents and I'm back to "NOrmal" I think what may be happening is that my bowel no longer having it's original archetecture from time to time twists and presses up against my urethra causing a near blockage. It is frightening and can last for several hours until somehow I am able to get relief. WHen this happens, I also note that I don't get complete bowel emptying and it takes several sessions on the toilet to complete this with small bowel movements instead of a large one. And since op. only poorly formed bowel movements anyway.
—Guest Beastly_Bowel

Colon resection And total hysterectomy

Why 3 yrs I had abdominal surgery april/09 in Calgary . When I awoke I was complaining about rt hip and rt knee pain in fact it was worse than the colon rection( for divertictultis ) first time up in in the chair my rt knee was twice the size of left leg. After complaining to dr and staff after checking for blood clot which was neg I was told by staff lots of PTs with this surgery have knee and hip pain normal will go away . I went home and was icing my knee my staples were fine my rt knee was so painful I cried like a baby as I was reassured was normal I had a friend stay with me , I tryed to wall the hall , we bought many braces etc . After 2 mons off work Time to return , I was. Using crutches or a can , my family dr sent me for an MRI that month it showed 2 100% tears to two knee muscles after repair and many many treatment I had to have a total right knee replacement this jan / 2012 anyone have any problems ?
—Guest 3yrsofhell

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Did You Experience Complications After Your Surgery?

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