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Readers Respond: Did You Experience Complications After Your Surgery?

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Updated September 13, 2010

umbilical hernia problem

I underwent an umbilical hernia repair. A mesh was in place aweek after the surgery when I began experiencing pain with body movement. I went back to general surgery and described the problems that I was enduring and was told that none of the problem was related to the surgery. Those problem continued for three more years and it wasn't until i contracted an internal suture abscess that the two stitches were removed.
—Guest frank gregory

Complications? Some

2004 I topped the scales out at 524lbs and was bedridden. I had the lap band, everything went great, went home and couldn't hold anything down for 5 months, as of today I can't eat some foods I had before, then at times I have not problem. I'm living with it and not sorry one bit for having the surgery. Doc told me chances are I wouldn't make it off the table, well here it's 2010 and I'm down to 145 lbs and sooooooooo alive. I'm not sorry I had it done.


i had a umbilical hernia repair a mesh was inplace after a week i began experienceing pain upon body movement I went back to general surgery and reported the problem. I was told that the problem was not related to surgery. These problem went on for the next three year it wasn't until i develop a suture granuloma with infection did general surgery remove internal suture they appear to over 12 inch long. I was told tha this is quite common after hernia surgery I sometimes wonder if this was a honest answer.
—Guest frank gregory

Hernia Repair fluid from surgery

I had surgery on 0ct 31 2007 for hernia and in 2009 july 07 emergency surgery for three Ovarian tumors. The doctor cut through the mesh and my hernia came back had to have surgery again Jan 14 2010. I have fluid that is causing me a lot of pain.

Get a 2nd opinion

I can't say this enough. GET A 2nd OPINION.........for the sake of your life. I let a podiatrist remove a very small bone from my foot. What harm could that cause you say? After 2 other surgeries to correct the high levels of daily pain referred to now as Mortons Neuroma I still cannot function as a normal human being. This destroyed my whole life. Ended a 35) year 6 figure career and set me on a path to being totally crippled at age 59. I can't do *any* of the things that made life enjoyable. Never to hike, camp, fish (standing in a bass boat) ever again. So...I should have been compensated by $$ in a malpractice suit....right? The frapping medical community has a 2) year statute of limitations so that's not going to happen. If it had, I would be blackballed by all their counterparts in *all fields* for perpetuity. 1/2 the practicing physicians graduated with "C averages". Would you trust your well being to those less that competent? Sign me: Medically Mangled
—Guest hacked to p i e c e s

Complications following Hernia repair

I had an umbilical hernia and ventral hernia repair in late september 2009. I developed a Seroma (built up fluid) behind the incision. I had to undergo another surgery on Nov 12 2009. I had alot of dead tissue that was debrided and left with a large hole in my abdomen to heal from the inside out. I still have a hole in my stomach that you can see the mesh at the bottom. My surgeon has actually released me to go back to work with this hole..Now I will be going for a 2nd opinion... I feel like this will never end.
—Guest Laura

Don't Do It Twice

I had the "full Monty" done to my back in 1997, after having 3 teams of doctors (an orthopedic surgeon and a neurosurgeon) tell me I could either schedule surgery or have it done on an emergency basis. I currently have 3 plates, 6 screws, and 4 bone graphs in my lower back. Yesterday, July 6, 2009, I had a different orthopedic guy tell me that the pain I now have is from the next lower vertabrae and it can probably be relieved without surgery. He told me this was quite common and that the original surgery was fine. If I had known that the rest of my back was still at risk, I would have kept up the exercises. As it is now, I have an appointment with a physical therapist in a week.

Hit by a Truck

I had a laparoscopic tubal ligation after being told what a simple, pain-free procedure it was. The next day I was so stiff and sore that I couldn't move. When I talked to the doctor, he said, "Yeah, remember that I said you'd feel as if you had been hit by a truck?" No, I'm fairly sure he didn't say that. I recovered just fine, but it would have been better to know what to expect.
—Guest SusanAdcox

Complications After Surgery

During recovery while coming to, I propped myself up on one elbow. It hurt for days after. It apparently had to do with the anesthesia Sodium Pentothal and use of my muscles while still in a medically induced relaxed state.

External Fixator

I had an external fixator "installed" to help heal a badly broken wrist. Two pins in my hand, between my index finger and thumb, and two more in my forearm, connected to a nasty-looking metal bar. It wasn't as bad as it sounded, except when the pins became loose and started to... wiggle a bit. Ouchie.

Complications? YES!

The day after I was discharged from the hospital after having a vaginal hysterectomy I experienced what I now know is called "urinary retention". In other words, even though I really need to I could not pee! I had to go to the emergency room for a catheter. This was not one of the complications I was warned about in any of my surgery education, before or after my hysterectomy.
—Guest Hysterectomy Patient

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